Theatre Technical Terms

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  1. Speed Square
    Mark a square line across the wood to be 90
  2. Batten
    Metal Pipe where scenery, lights, and drapes are hung
  3. Fly Rail
    The ropes and pulley system used to bring scenery, lights, and drapes on and off
  4. Running Crew
    Work backstage during the show moving scenery and running the fly rail
  5. Platform
    Raised stage on the stage to achieve a level
  6. Wagon
    Platform on wheels
  7. Makeup Crew
    Help actors achieve the desired look through cosmetics and hairstyling
  8. Carpenter's Square
    To lay 2 woods to create a right angle
  9. Cat Walk
    Steel or wooden structure for accessing areas above the stage and house
  10. Legs
    Long, tall, narrow curtains used to mask the side of stage
  11. Fire Curtain
    To close performing area from audience in case of fire on stage
  12. Stage
    Acting area
  13. Flat
    Wooden frame covered in muslim or panelling
  14. Level
    Horizontal or vertical
  15. Prop Crew
    Buy, find, borrow, or build props used for the play
  16. Sound Crew
    Run the sound cues and manage microphones during the show
  17. Lighting Designer
    Decides what kind of lights are needed
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