spanish final!

  1. What is the population of Spain?
    44,500,000 people
  2. When did Spain become apart of a bigger Union and which Union did it become a part of?
    In 1986, Spain joined the European Union.
  3. What is Spains official currency and when did they adapt this?
    Their currency is the Euro whic was adopted in 2002
  4. How many countries are a part of the European Union?
    27 countries
  5. Through what are the countries linked together by in the European Union?
    Economy, Culture, Politics
  6. Why do many Spaniards believe their previous currency is better and what was their previous currency?
    Because of the high price of homes and cars. Their previous form of money was the Peseta.
  7. What is the origen of the name for Spain mean?
    "Land of Rabbits"
  8. What are the Languages of Spain?
    Espanol, Catalan,
  9. What is the biggest crisis in Spain right now?
    the increase in the price of homes have made buying a home impossible for lots of people.
  10. What percentage of people in Spain will not be able to buy a home?
  11. What is the reason why it is so hard to buy a home in Spain?
    Real Estate
  12. What does the clip "A 30 meter floor" reference
    reveals the frustration of young people regarding the impossibility of buying a home. It shows the corruption in spain through uncontrolled constrution of homes.
  13. Who is Pedro Almodovar?
    director. Born in 1949 in Royan City, Spain. his early films were on women on the verge of nervous breakdown and later about the crazy lives after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.
  14. Who is Alejandro Amenebar?
    Director, composer... born in 1972
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