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  1. admonish
    verb – to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly
  2. buffoon
    noun – a clown; someone who amuses with tricks and jokes
  3. capricious
    adjective – changeable, fickle
  4. delineate
    verb – to describe in words; to sketch
  5. elucidate
    verb – to make clear
  6. flagrant
    adjective – outrageous; glaringly offensive
  7. guile
    noun – crafty deceit; cunning
  8. impassive
    adjective – without feelings or emotion; insensible
  9. latent
    adjective – present but invisible or inactive; lying hidden and undeveloped
  10. mitigate
    verb – to make or to become milder or less severe; to moderate
  11. opulent
    adjective – wealthy; abundant
  12.  paucity
    noun – scarcity; smallness in number or amount
  13.  sagacious
    adjective – very wise or shrewd
  14. rebuff
    verb – to refuse in a sharp or due way; to snub; to drive or beat back
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