1. What is the success rate for new RCTs?
    Over 94%
  2. How do apical lesions respond to conventional RCT?
    Apical lesions secondary to endodontic infection respond very well to conventional RCT
  3. What steps make up a conventional (orthograde) RCT?
    • 1. Access opening
    • 2. Length determination
    • 3. Cleaning and shaping
    • 4. Root canal filling
    • 5. Temporization or restoration
  4. When do fatal errors occur during RCT?
    During acess opening. This is directly linked to efficiency
  5. what are the goals of access opening?
    • 1. debride the inflamed/necrotic pulpal tissues
    • 2. locate all canal orifaces
    • 3. achieve straight line access to canals
  6. What kind of instrument do we use to get to the canal?
    Use a round bur
  7. What are the benefits of reduced curvature (provided by proper access)?
    Usually around 15 degrees
    • 1. reduced chance for ledging, transportation, perforation, file breakage
    • 2. enhance instrumentation efficiency (faster cutting)
  8. How do we determine canal length?
    • Usually WL is 0.5mm from the radiographic apex
    • Apical constriction:physiologic apex
  9. What is a better length determinator than radiographs?
    • Apex locator is a more reliable WL measurement
    • 1. more accurate physiological apex v. radiographic apex
    • 2. potential inflammatory root apex resorption
  10. What constitutes cleaning and shaping of the canal?
    • 1. enlarge the root canal space using hand/rotary riles and drills
    • 2. remove infected dentinal walls
    • 3. make space for the root canal fill using gutta percha
  11. What steps constitute obturation?
    • 1. filling root canal radiopaque using gutta percha and root canal sealers
    • 2. prevent leakage and re-growth of bacteria and reinfection
  12. What are the steps of a coronal restoration?
    • Temporize access area using Intermediate restorative material, Cavit, or Fuji glass ionomer
    • temp restoration needs to be replaced within 1-3 weeks
    • coronal leakage is one of the main causes of root canal failure
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