Mitosis vs. Meiosis

  1. Meiosis
    Sexual Reproduction
  2. Meiosis
    Genetically different
  3. Meiosis
    Mixing of chromosomes can occur
  4. Meiosis
    There are pairing of homologues
  5. Meiosis
    2 divisions
  6. Meiosis
    4 haploid daughter cells produced
  7. Meiosis
    Chromosome number split in half
  8. Meiosis Cytokinesis
    Occurs in Telophase I & Telophase II
  9. Meiosis Centromeres
    The centromeres do not separate during anaphase I, but during anaphase II
  10. Meiosis
    Creates sex cells
  11. Mitosis
    Asexual Reproduction
  12. Mitosis
    Genetically Identical
  13. Mitosis
    Crossing over can not occur
  14. Mitosis
    No pairing of homologues
  15. Mitosis
    1 division
  16. Mitosis
    2 haploid daughter cells produced
  17. Mitosis
    Chromosome number remains the same
  18. Mitosis Cytokinesis
    Occurs in Telophase
  19. Mitosis Centromeres
    The centromeres split during Anaphase
  20. Mitosis
    Creates everything other than sex cells
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