Rabbit Muscles

  1. external oblique
    internal oblique
    tranversus abdominus
    • compress abdominal region
    • latter 2 are internal to external oblique
    • all differ in muscle fiber direction
  2. rectus abdominus
    • pulls sternum and ribs caudally
    • under external oblique
  3. multifidi
    • narrow band of muscles on either side of vertebral column
    • extend vertebral column
    • multifidi - posterior
    • spinalis - anterior
  4. erector spinae
    longissimus dorsi
    • thick muscles lateral to multifidi and spinalis
    • extend vertebral column
    • erector spinae - posterior
    • longissimus dorsi - anterior
  5. iliocostalis
    • lateral to longissimus dorsi
    • attached to ribs, brings ribs together (good for breathing/locomotion)
  6. serratus ventralis
    • fan-shaped muscle under armpit
    • helps pull scapula towards sternum
  7. splenius
    • alongside anterior end of longissimus dorsi
    • elevates head (attaches to occipital bone)
  8. scalenus
    • dorsal to rectus abdominus (anterior portion)
    • bends neck
  9. gluteus medius
    [ab/adducts thigh]
  10. gluteus maximus/superficialis
    abducts thigh
  11. caudofemoralis
    abducts thigh, extends shank
  12. biceps femoris
    abducts thigh, flexes shank
  13. tensor fascia latae
    helps extend shank
  14. sartorius
    • adducts thigh, extends shank
    • internal
  15. gracilis
    • adducts and retracts leg
    • internal
  16. quadriceps complex:
    vastus medius
    vastus lateralis
    rectus femoris
    • deep inner thigh
    • powerful shank extensors
  17. semimembranous
    • deep inner thigh
    • extends thigh
  18. adductor femoris brevis et magnus
    • deep inner thigh
    • adduct thigh
  19. sternohyoid
    retracts hyoid (bone at base of tongue)
  20. geniohyoid
    protracts hyoid
  21. sternothyroid
    retracts larynx (voice box)
  22. thyrohyoid
    protracts larynx
  23. temporal
    • skull roof and coronoid process of mandible
    • moves mandible dorsally and caudally (close jaws)
  24. masseter
    • zygomatic arch and mandible
    • moves mandible dorsally
    • associated with lateral "chewing" motion seen in herbivores when two opposing parts cancel each other out
  25. digastric
    • near geniohyoid
    • depressed mandible to open jaw
  26. mylohyoid
    • near geniohyoid
    • raises hyoid, tongue and floor of oral cavity
  27. What muscles are homologous to the cucullaris muscles in sharks?
    trapezius complex (support and rotate scapula)
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