Black Cat vocab

  1. allusion
    implied or indirect refernce, hinting at
  2. anomalous
    out of place, abnormal
  3. aversion
    strong disinclination, disliking
  4. chimera
    a fantasy, a horrible creature of the imagination
  5. conflagration
    a large fire
  6. debauchery
    moral corruption
  7. docile
    easily managed, obedientm passive
  8. equivocal
    ambigous (usually intended to mislead)
  9. expedient
    appropriate for a purpose but not necessarily moral, right, or just
  10. felicitious
    happy or delightful
  11. forbearance
    patience, lenience
  12. homely
    plain or unattractive in appearance
  13. infamous
    having a reputation of the worst kind, vicious, notoriously bad
  14. insrcutable
    difficult to understand, mysterious
  15. intemperance
    lack of moderation (usually relating to alcohol)
  16. loathe
    to detest
  17. malevolence
    ill will or evil intentions
  18. odious
    deserving hate or contempt
  19. peevish
    fretful, obstinate
  20. perpetuate
    to prolong the existence of something
  21. pertinacity
    stubborn persistence or act of refusing to yield on ann opinion or belief
  22. sagacious
    wise, shrewd, very discerning
  23. scrupulous
    very principled, very careful and conscientious
  24. solictious
    worried, concerned
  25. succinct
    brief, compact
  26. unfathomable
    not capable of being understood
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