Famous Chemists

  1. John Dalton
    First atomic theory, law of proportions
  2. Corpernicus
    First to state the sun is the center of the universe
  3. Atomis theory
    number of protons and neutron
  4. Robert Milikan
    Found the exact charge and mass of an electron
  5. James Chadwick
    Discoverd the neutron
  6. Ernest Rutherford
    Credited with the discovery of the nucleus
  7. Joseph proust
    Law of definte proportions
  8. Galileo
    first to start requiring scientific proof
  9. Antoinne Lavoisier
    law of conservation of mass
  10. Isaac Newton
    Came up with the laws of motion, gravity, calculus
  11. JJ thomson
    discoverd electron, proton and isotopes
  12. Democritus
    Originally stated world was made of atoms
  13. Aristole
    Stated that what you see is what you get for matter
  14. Henery Mosley
    Found the number of protons
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Famous Chemists
Famous chemists