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  1. Acknowledgement Cards
    cards of recognition sent to families for kindness with regards to the deceased
  2. Afterburner
    burner in secondary combustion chamber (or in chambers seperate from incinerator)
  3. After Care
    (post funeral follow up) acts of counselling that come after the funeral
  4. Air (cremation)
    air supply to incinerator equipment for combustion, cooling, ventilation, etc. 68 degrees farenheit standard temperature.
  5. Air Jets
    high velocity air from nozzles in incinerator to provide turbulence
  6. Alternate Container
    unfinished wooden box or non-metal receptacle for the encasement of human remains
  7. Arrangement Conference
    meeting of funeral director and client family to arrange a funeral
  8. At-need Counselling
    counselling family as they arrange the funeral when death has occurred
  9. Atomize
    to break into tiny bits or dust
  10. Auxillary Fuel Firing Equipment
    to supply more heat to get temperature high enough to a)dry & ignite waste material b)maintain ignition c)somplete combustion of solids
  11. Baffle
    any refractory construction intended to change direction of combusted products
  12. Barometer Damper
    hinged or pivoted balanced blade placed to admit air to the flue connection maintaining a constant draft in the incinerator
  13. Breeching or Flue Connection
    connection of incinerator & auxillary equipment between the incinerator & the flue
  14. Bridge Wall
    partition between chambers over which pass the products of combustion
  15. British Thermal Unit (BTU)
    quantity of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree farenheit
  16. Burial (interment or inhuement / inhumation)
     placing dead human body in the ground
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