greek composition 5

  1. The pitcher is broken. 38
    ἡ χύτρα κατέαγε.
  2. If we conquier the Romans in one more battle, we are undone. 38
    εὰν τοὺς ῥωμαίους έτι μίαν μάχην νικήσομεν ολώλαμεν.
  3. The spear was fixed in his chest. 38
    τὸ δόρυ εν τῷ στέρνῳ αυτοῦ επεπήγει.
  4. I broke the boys head. 38
    τὴν τοῦ παιδὸς κεφαλὴν κατέαξα
  5. The boy's head is broken. 38
    ἡ τοῦ παιδὸς κεφαλὴ κατέαγε.
  6. The gates are open. 38
    αἱ πύλαι ανεῴγασι
  7. The servants opened the gates early, as was their custom. 38
    οἱ ὑπερέται (οικέται) πρωί τὰς πύλας ανέῳξαν κατὰ τὸ ειωθός
  8. It is the part of a general to watch over the safety of his army. 38
    στρατηγοῦ εστι περὶ τῆς τοῦ στρατεύματος ασφαλείας εγρηγορέναι
  9. I have not met either my friend or my brother's. 38.
    ούτε τῷ εμῷ φίλῳ ούτε τοῦ αδελφοῦ εντετύχηκα
  10. The constitution will have been perfectly arranged
    ἡ πολιτεία τελέως κεκοσμήσεται
  11. Speak and it shall (immediately) be done.
    φράζε καὶ πεπράξεται.
  12. We shall have voted on the subject as we ought.
    τὰ δέοντα εσόμεθα εγνωκότες.
  13. We shall be freed from empty speeches.
    εσόμεθα λόγων ματαίων απηλλαγμένοι.
  14. Would that my son had conquered!
    είθε ὁ υἱὸς νενικήκοι (ενίκησε).
  15. He said that he should come on the third day.
    εῖπεν ὅτι ἥξοι ἡμέρᾳ τρίτῃ.
  16. Let it be attempted.
  17. constitution
  18. arrange, adorn
  19. superintend
  20. to make disappear
  21. If it is agreeable to you.
    εί σοι βουλομενένοι εστί
  22. and that too
    καὶ ταῦτα
  23. for the present at least
    τὸ γε νῦν εῖναι
  24. as far as they are concerned
    τὸ επὶ τούτοις εῖναι
  25. For thus we shall have done what we ought. 39
    οὕτω γὰρ τὰ δέοντα εσόμεθα πεπραχότες.
  26. I will remember my former folly. 39
    τῆς πάλαι μωρίας μεμνήσομαι.
  27. He told me they had forgotten their former virtue. 39
    έλεξέ μοι ὅτι τῆς πάλαι αρετῆς επιλελησμένοι εῖεν.
  28. Let us place the wise and the good as guardians of this beautiful constitution. 39
    τοὺς σοφοὺς τε κα'γαθοὺς ταύτης τῆς καλλίστης πολιτείας φύλακας επιστήσωμεν.
  29. If you do this I am off. 39
    εὰν ταῦτα πράττῃς, οιχήσομαι
  30. Would that the wise superintended the state. 39
    είθε οἱ σοφοὶ τὴν πόλιν επεσκόπουν.
  31. Woud that the man had escpaed death. 39
    ώφελεν ὁ άνθρωπος τὸν θάνατον αποφυγεῖν.
  32. They condemned him to death, and that too though he was your citizen. 39
    τὸν θάνατον κατέγνωσαν αυτοῦ, καὶ ταῦτα ὑμετέρου όντος πολίτου
  33. For the present at least we will use him. 39
    τό γε νῦν εῖναι χρησόμεθα αυτῷ
  34. As far a that person is concerned, I am undone. 39
    τὸ επὶ τούτῳ απόλωλα.
  35. O boy, may you become wiser! 39
    ῶ παῖ, σοφώτερος γένοιο
  36. I offer myself to be questioned.
    παρέχω εμαυτὸν ερωτᾶν
  37. I came to see you.
    ῆλθον ιδεῖν σε. (ἵνα σε ίδοιμι)
  38. sweet to hear
    ἡδὺς ακούειν
  39. clever at speaking
    δεινὸς λέγειν
  40. hard to catch
    χαλεπὸς λαβεῖν
  41. He is so stupid as to choose war instead of peace.
    οὕτως ανόητός εστιν ὥστε πόλεμον αντ' ειρήνης αἱρεῖσθαι.
  42. He is so stupid that he (actually) chooses war instead of peace.
    οὕτως ανόητός εστιν ὥστε πόλεμον αντ' ειρήνης αἱρεῖται.
  43. He was very ambitious so as to bear anything for the sake of being praised.
    φιλοτιμότατος ῆν ὥστε πάντα ὑπομεῖναι τοῦ επαινεῖσθαι ἕνεκα.
  44. to put forth naturally
  45. in preference to
  46. undergo, bear, endure
    ὑπομένω ανέχομαι
  47. leaf
    τὸ φύλλον
  48. wing
    τὸ πτερόν, ἡ πτέρυξ
  49. contrivance, trick
    ἡ τέχνη
  50. to get teeth
    φύω οδόντας
  51. I harass
    πόνον (πράγματα) παρέχω.
  52. It is the nature of man to love those who confer benefits upon him. 40
    ὁ άνθρωπος πέφυκε φιλεῖν τοὺς εῦ ποιοῦντας.
  53. The city is a difficult one to take. 40
    ἡ πόλις χαλεπή εστιν ἑλεῖν.
  54. The man is unable to hold his tongue. 40
    ὁ άνθρωπος ου δύναται σιωπᾶν.
  55. You are so senseless that you are always hoping for what is impossible. 40
    οὕτως ανόητος εῖ, ὥστε τὰ αδύνατα αεὶ ελπίζεις .
  56. They are too wise to choose war instead of peace. 40
    σοφώτεροί εισιν ὴ ὥστε πόλεμον αντ' ειρήνης ἑλέσθαι.
  57. The young birds have already got feathers. 40
    οἱ νεοσσοὶ ήδη τὰ πτέρα έφυσαν.
  58. They harrassed them so the army was not able to advance. 40
    τοσαῦτα πράγματα παρεῖχον ὥστε τὸ στράτευμα πορεύεσθαι ουκ ηδύνατο.
  59. The wine is pleasant to drink. 40
    ὁ οῖνος ἡδύς εστι πίνειν.
  60. It is the nature of boys to pursue what is pleasant. 40
    οἱ παῖδες πεφύκασι τὰ ἡδέα διώκειν.
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