Econ FINAL essay 2

  1. Latin American Culture generalizations
    • hierarchy
    • strict roles for men and women
    • strong extended families
    • emphasis on status and honor
    • relationship building
  2. Hierarchy
    • some have much more authority/power than others
    • people favor strong charismatic leaders
    • vote for person, not the party
  3. Strict roles for men and women
    • men are supposed to be macho
    • willing to fight for family's honor
    • be romantic
    • protect women and children
    • hospitable and generous to family and friends
    • women are supposed to imitate the Virgin Mary
    • put motherhood ahead of everything else
    • passive in social arena
    • no respect for women who don't follow traditional rolls
  4. Emphasis on status and honor
    • lack of respect endangers family's ability to survive
    • fight to avenge insults and restore honor
    • in business, people fear speaking frankly to superiors: fear of offending them and being penalized
    • blue collar men wear suits to work to show the status they aspire to
  5. Relationship building
    • most families are not self sufficient
    • built ties with outsiders who can help family
    • must spend time building relationships
    • can by done by joining political organization, military or intermarriage
  6. Tips for foreign managers
    • build trust by showing respect
    • be pro active in preventing conflicts
    • train people in conflict resolution skills
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Econ FINAL essay 2
Econ FINAL essay 2