Earth's Rotation

  1. Axis
    A line, real or imaginary, around which something spins.
  2. Rotation
    A 24-hour period, or the time it takes Earth to make one complete rotation on its axis.
  3. Day
    The time during rotation when Earth faces the Sun, and it is lighted; this rotation gives the false appearance that the Sun travels from east to west across the sky.
  4. Night
    The time during its rotation when Earth faces away from the Sun, and it is dark; this rotation gives the false appearance that stars move across the sky.
  5. Sundial
    Instrument measures the time of day by using the position of the Sun.
  6. Compass 
    Instrument that uses a small magnet to show which direction is north (N).
  7. Shadow 
    A dark area caused when an object blocks light falling on a surface.
  8. Earth 
    A planet in the Solar System that has life on it. 
  9. Surface
    The outermost covering or layer,
  10. Celsius
    A temperature that sets the freezing point of water at 00 and the boiling point at 1000.
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Earth's Rotation