1. Civil Religion
    A set of sacred beliefs so commonly accepted by most people that it becomes part of the national culture
  2. Religion
    A system of beliefs and practices around sacred things, a set of shared "stories" that guide belief and action
  3. Sacred
    Describes holy things meant for special use and kept separate from the profane. The sacred realm is unknowable and mystical, so it inspires us with feelings of awe and wonder.
  4. Profane
    Describes the things of mundate, everyday life
  5. Theism
    The worship of a god or gods, as in christianity, islam, or hinduism
  6. Ethicalism
    The adherence to certain principles to lead a moral life, as in Buddhism and Taoism
  7. Animism
    The belief that spirits roam the natural world, as in totemism
  8. Denominations
    Big groups of congregations that share the same faith and are governed under one administrative umbrella
  9. Congregations
    Groups of people that gather together, especially for worship
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