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  1. what is a plain or hilly region within the temperate zone that is covered wirh grasses called?
  2. what is the time of little rain or no rain called?
  3. what are the dreid up plants that break off from their roots and roll across the plains called?
  4. why is this vast area called the bread basket of the nation?
    because we grow a lot of wheat
  5. what was the most important animal to the indeans of the plains?
    prarie chicken
  6. what animal lived in vast underground towns that stretched over the praries?
  7. tell how the indeans used all the parts of the buffalo?
    they ate its meat and drank its milkthey made shoes and clothing out of its hides they made sewing needles out of thier bones
  8. what 2,000 foot mountains are just west of the Mississippi in the states of Missouri and arkansas?
  9. What is the longest river in North America and the chief tributary of the Mississippi?
    missouri river
  10. What is the world's largets gulf?
    gulf of mexico
  11. What important Atlantic current begins in this gulf?
    gulf stream
  12. How did the Blackfoot tribe receieve its name?
    they wore black mocoson shoes
  13. What does the term Dakota mean?
    gulf stream
  14. Who drove the Cheyenne Indians onto the central plains?
  15. What Sioux medicine man claimed to have a vision of white soldiers falling into his camp?
    sitting bull
  16. In what battle did the Sioux Indians defeat General Custer and his soldiers?
    battle of little big horn
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