Microscope Structure of Bone and Cartilage

  1. Spongy bone
    Found in the ends of the bone
  2. Spongy bone
    May be filled with marrow
  3. Trabnecube
    Threadlike needles of the spongy bone
  4. Ostens
    Units that make up dense bone
  5. Ostens
    Haversian System
  6. Ostens
    Are cirular, tubelike, and calcified
  7. Concentric Lamella
    Each ring of an osten
  8. Central Canal
    The center of the osten
  9. Osteocytes
    living bone cells
  10. Lacunae
    Spaces betweeen each lamellae where osteocytes can be found
  11. Canaliculi
    These are tiny spaces that connect the lacunae
  12. Canaliculi
    Allow nutrients to flow from the blood vessels of the canal to teh osteocytes
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Microscope Structure of Bone and Cartilage
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