Nikita Khrushchev

  1. Nikita Khrushchev was born when and to what type of family
    In 1894-71 to a peasant calss family in western russia near Ukraine
  2. What work did Khrushchev have at a young age that kept him off the battle field in WWI
    Metal works
  3. Although Khrushchev sided believed in communism he was more measured siding with who initially
    The Mensheviks against eh Bolsheviks and later with Trotsky against Stalin
  4. Khrushchev earned what high honor for doing what?
    The Order of Lenin for the overseeing of the completion of the Moscow metro system
  5. After Stalin's death Khrushchev was left out of succession calulations, what other individuals were kept in mind ahead of Khrushchev
    • Geprgy Malenkov, close advisor of Stalin emerged as Party Secretary and Prime Minister but within a couple weeks he resigned.
    • Malenkov passed his power to Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin's chief of the NKVD
    • Vyacheslav Molotov, architect of the secret pact with Germany

  6. What secured Khrushchev's position of leader of the party
    Complicated political manuevers which got Molotov and Beria arrested and killed
  7. What unpecedented move did Khrushchev use to secure power
    Delievered a speech to the Twentieth Part Congress in February of 1956 where he denounced Stalin as tyrannical and cruel
  8. Who did Khrushchev give his speech to? How long was it? And waht specifically did he criticize Stalin of
    • Twentieth Party Congress in February of 1956
    • 40 hour speech
    • Detailed Stalin's crimes including the Great Purges, labor camps, inadequate preparation for WWII
  9. What was the effect of Khrushchev"s speech
    It marginalized his political enemies and gained popular support
  10. When was the sixth five year plan
  11. What was the sixth five year plan 1956-60
    General it as the same as the fifth plan. Overly ambitious with production goals beyond limits: After three year it was seent he plan would fall short
  12. When was the seventh five year plan
  13. What was the seventh five year plan 1959-65
    • Recalibrated teh economic systems given newly found resources.
    • Shifted focus to natural resources, chemical production, improved consumer goods, and expansion of state welfare
  14. How was the success of the seventh five year plan 1959-65
    Initial success posting high economic growth, increasing housing, and improving overall wellbeing. The plan fell short though as it began to slow down casting a shadow over Khrushchev's final years
  15. How did Khrushchev try to reduce Stalin's importance amongst the people
    Removing his body from the mausoleum on Red Square, tearing down statuary depicting the leader, and changing the anmes of cities and buildings that bore Stalin's name
  16. What was the Virign lands
    Attempt to recruit thousands of volunteers to settle in the vast, untouched agricultural lands of Kazahkstan and Western Siberia
  17. What year was the Cuban Missle Crisis
  18. After Stalin's falling in 1952 workers in which Polish city striked? How did Khrushchev respond to this
    Poznan; Khrushchev met with Wladyslaw Gomulka (Party Secutary of Polish Communist Party) and told him to get his bitches in check
  19. So a Gomulka crossed the road and entered a bar, he met a Khrushchev. While talking to the Khrushchev Gomulka told him how he planned to handle the Polish worker revolts
    That he would regain control as he didn't with to end to socialist programs. But that any Soviet military actions would be met with force
  20. Who took control after Khrushchev? He made what arguement
    Leonid Brezhnev who argued the failings of the sitting leader and amde the public arguement that Khrushchev be removed from office
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