1. te waza
    arm throw
  2. ippon seoinage
    one arm shoulder throw
  3. kata ashi dori
    single leg grab
  4. morote gari
    double leg grab
  5. morote seoi nage 
    two-handed shoulder throw
  6. seoi otoshi
    shoulder drop throw
  7. sukui nage
    scoop throw
  8. tai otoshi
    body drop throw
  9. koshi waza
    hip throw
  10. koshi guruma
    hip wheel throw
  11. ogoshi
    major hip throw
  12. uki goshi
    floating hip throw
  13. deashi barai
    advancing foot sweep
  14. kosoto gari
    minor reaping throw
  15. osoto gari
    major outer reaping throw
  16. ouchi gari
    major inner reaping throw
  17. sasae tsuri komi ashi
    propping ankle throw
  18. sutemi waza 
    sacrafice throw
  19. sumi gaeshi
    corner throw
  20. tani otoshi
    valley drop throw
  21. tomoe nage
    stomach throw
  22. uki waza
    floating throw
  23. yoko otoshi
    side drop throw
  24. osae  komi waza 
    holding techinques
  25. hon kesa gatame
    basic scarf hold
  26. kami shiho gatame
    upper four corners hold
  27. kata gatame
    single shoulder hold
  28. mune gatame
    chest hold
  29. tate shiho gatame
    lengthwise four corners hold
  30. ushiro kesa gatame
    reverse scarf hold
  31. ushiro yoko shiho gatame
    reverse side four corners hold
  32. yoko shiho gatame
    side four corners hold
  33. kansetsu waza
    arm locks
  34. juji gatame
    cross body arm lock
  35. ude garami
    coiled or entangled arm lock
  36. ude gatame
    straight arm lock
  37. waki gatame
    armpit lock
  38. shime waza
  39. gyaku juji jime
    reverse cross strangle
  40. hadaka jime 
    naked strangle
  41. hadaka jime variation
    sleeper hold
  42. kata ha jime
    single wing strangle
  43. kata juji jime
    single cross strangle
  44. name juji jime
    standard or normal cross strangle
  45. okuri eri jime
    sliding lapel
  46. ryote jime
    double hand strangle
  47. tsuki komi jime 
    thrusting strangle
  48. What is the English translation of the meaning of the word “Jujitsu”?
    gentle art
  49. where did jujitsu come from?
  50. define jujitsu as a sport, self defense, philosophy, way of life
    competition but with rules that emphasize safety, uses opponents energy against them, yielding to opponents force rather than trying to use own force, peaceful
  51. What is kuzushi
    an opponents stability, balance
  52. What are some ways kuzushi can be achieved?
    lift person on toes, using their momentum against them, taking out the supporting leg
  53. What is kiai?
    a short yell made during a technique
  54. What are the main types of Judo techniques?
    grappling, throws, strikes
  55. What are the types of Judo throws?
    • hand techniques
    • hip techniques
    • foot and leg techniques
    • rear sacrifice techniques
    • side sacrafice techniques
  56. What is a combination throw?
    series of throws
  57. What is a counter throw?
    a successful throw when your opponent tries a throw
  58. What are the types of grappling techinques?
    throws, submission holds, escapes
  59. What is tori and uke?
    • tori- thrower
    • uke- person being thrown
  60. Compare Jujitsu to other martial arts
    focuses mostly on grappling, not an olympic sport, designed as a combat art
  61. Give a bried history of Jujitsu
    Jujitsu was formed during the Feudal period as a method of weaponless combat (founded by Hisamori Takenouchi). The term was coined by Takenouchi Ryu. After the feudal period, judo was created in order to be able to practice the martial art realistically. Fathered many other martial arts such as aikido, judo, braziallian jujitsu
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