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  1. name the parts
  2. CNS is composed of?
    • brain
    • spinal cord
  3. name the parts of brain
  4. neuron anatomy
  5. reflex arc
  6. function of sensory system
    is a part of nervous system consisting of sensory receptors that receive stimuli from internal and external environment, neural pathways that conduct this information to brain and parts of brain that processes this information.
  7. the five vertebrates senses
    • sight
    • sound
    • smell
    • taste
    • touch
  8. what do smell and taste have in common?
    they rely on chemoreceptors
  9. scotoma
    blind spot The word scotoma is derived from the Greek word for darkness.
  10. leukemia
  11. digestion
    chemical process of breaking down macromolecules to their component "building blocks".
  12. what's mucin function?
    protects and lubricates the mouth.
  13. what does salivary glands produce?
    saliva & salivary amylase.
  14. PH of urine
    4.8 -7.5 ph
  15. peristalsis
    responsible of moving materials through the digestive tract.
  16. digestive works with:
    the excretory and circulatory
  17. excretory system works with a ______system
  18. what pancreas produces:
  19. stomach anatomy
  20. inspiratory
    taking air into lungs
    • spirometer
    • Spirometry is a painless study of air volume and flow rate within the lungs.
  21. urine contins leukocytes?
    White blood cells, or WBCs, are not normally found in the urinary tract. Urine is normally sterile and contains no blood
  22. What endocrine gland secretes ADH?
    posterior pituitary gland
  23. nitrogenous waste products
    which organis requires more water to get rid of nitro waste?
    #mammals, sharks,amphibians#  

    *birds, insects, land snails, reptiles*         
  24. glomerulus
    is a network (tuft) of capillaries that performs the first step of filtering blood.
  25. glomerulus
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