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  1. Cestoda proglottid
  2. phylum and class of a clam
    • P: mollusca
    • C:Bivalvia
  3. where's the excurrent siphon (exhalant) and incurent siphon (inhalant) of a clam?
  4. Snail CLASS & PHYLUM:
    • P: Mollusca
    • C: Gastropoda
  5. The phylum and class's of :
    free living marine sand worms...
    earthworms and freshwater annelids
    parasitic and predatory leeches
    PHYLUM: annelida

    Polychaeta: free-living marine worms sand worms

    • Oligochaeta: earthworms and freshwater annelids

    Hirudinea: parasitic and predatory leeches
  6. name, phylum, and class of this organism:
    • name: brittle star
    • P: Ehinodermata
    • C:ophiuroidea
  7. Echinoderm classes:

    • 1. starfish
    • C: asteroidea

    • 2. Brittle star
    • C: Ophiuroidea

    • 3. sea urchins and sand dollars
    • C: Echinoidea

    • 4. sea cucumbers
    • C: Holothuroidea

    • 5. sea lillies
    • C: crinoidea
  8. Sea star anatomy: show gonad and digestive gland
  9. name and class?
    • name: sea urchin
    • C: echinoidea
  10. inarticulata organisms and examples
    Inarticulata open and close their valves with muscles and do not rely on sockets and teeth that are a characteristic of articulate brachiopods.

    • ex:
    • lamprey and hagfish
  11. shark phylum and class
    • Phylum: chordata
    • C: Chondrichthyes
  12. name some parts of the shark
  13. amniotes organisms
    The amniotes are a group of tetrapods (four-limbed animals with backbones or spinal columns) that have a terrestrially adapted egg equipped with an amnios,
  14. the class  of snake:
  15. class of frogs:
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