Physical Exam

  1. C5
    • Muscle test: Deltoids and biceps
    • Reflex test: Bicep tendon
    • Sensory test: Bicep
  2. C6
    • Muscle test: Biceps and Wrist Ext.
    • Reflex test: radiobrachialis (wrist)
  3. C7
    • Muscle tests: triceps, wrist flexors, finger ext
    • reflex test: back of triceps
    • sensory test: hand to middle finger
  4. C8
    • muscle test: finger flexors, interosseus
    • reflex test: none
    • sensory test: medial wrist
  5. L4
    • muscle test: Tibialis Anterior (up and in)
    • reflex test: Patellar
    • sensory test: medical calf to the floor
  6. L5
    • muscle tests: extensor hallicus longus (big toe lifter)
    • reflex test: NONE
    • sensory test: anterior lower leg down to big toe
  7. S1
    • muscles test: peroneus longus and brevis (down and out)
    • reflex test: achilles
    • sensory test: back of calf
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Physical Exam
Muscle Reflex and Sensory