chapter 8 Chem

  1. How can you tell an acid from a base?
    • Acids donate H+
    • acids produce hydronium ions H3O+
  2. How do you tell a base from an acid?
    Bases are substances that dissociate to form a metal ion and a hydroxide ion OH

    Bases accept protons
  3. What is the charge of Hydrogen
  4. water can act as a what by what?
    Act as an acid or a base by eitehr donating or accepting a proton
  5. acids form?

    Bases form?
    Hydronium ions H3O+

    Hydroxide ions OH-
  6. what are conjugage acids and bases?
    the opposite of the base or acid on the right side of the chemocal equation.  This happens becasue of equilibrium
  7. What is Neutralization?
    When an acid and a base combine to form  water and salt

    HCL + NaOH = NaCl + H2O
  8. What is LeChateliers Principle?
    If stress is applied to the equilibrium, the rates of the forward and reverse reaction will change to relieve the stress, and equilibrium will be gained.
  9. what is he difference in an exothermic and endothermic reaction?
    exothermic he heat is on the product (right side) of the equation

    Endothermic the heat is on the reactant side (left side)
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