LIS 530

  1. resource
    • a set of linguistic assertions
    • about a resource; metadata description i.e. HAMLET{PLAYWRIGHT}WILLIAM
    • SHAKESPEARE; records created using language of description
  2. semantics
    • branch of language concerned with the meaning of words, signs, and symbols that
    • constitute the elements of change and evolution in a spoken or written language;
    • semantic relation-meaning change through context
  3. statement
    • attribute value pair that makes
    • some assertion of some resource, made up of a subject, predicate, and
    • objectsubject-tells who/what statement
    • is aboutpredicate-defines relationship between
    • subject and object; makes object value a characteristic of subject and
    • defines meaning of characteristics
  4. attribute
    • (schemas) bounded set of properties identifying the kinds of assertions that can be made about a resource; predicate, what can be said about a resource attribute/value pair-metadata
    • statement that makes an assertion about a resource
  5. domain
    (related to a property)-
    • domain is the class for which a
    • property is formally defined; means that instances of the property are applicable to instances of its domain class—ex: properties{playwright} and
    • {composer} might be defined as having a domain class of “creators”
  6. identifiers (weak, strong & powerful)
    • unique representation that points to one and only
    • one thing; unique alpha numeric string assigned to a referentweak- semantically laden lexical strings, ex: “Twain,
    • Mark. 1835-1910”strong- they are created within the system not global,
    • ex: ISBN, SSN

    • powerful – has authority and global
    • usability, ex: HHP URI
  7. schema
    • bounded set of properties identifying the kinds of assertions that can be made about a
    • resource (attribute space)
  8. domain
    • thinkingabout system purpose and how to translate system purpose into a language of description; what is the stuff we are trying to describe; determine
    • entities/units analysis you might be ask to describe
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