1. what are guest expectaiton for fried product?
    hot, fresh tasting. Crisp outside, moist inside. cooked properly chicken is tender, fish is flaky
  2. why do you wash your hands for chicken and fish?
    you can collect bacteria because they are both raw
  3. cook temp for fish and chicken?
    345 for all chicken and 350 for fish
  4. maximun number of mcchickens allowed in the basket?
    6 potions in a 2 segment half- size basket
  5. whats the holding time for McChicken?
    30 mins
  6. crispy chicken portions max number in basket?
    4 portions in a 2 seg half size basket
  7. where do you place crispy chicken?
    6 portions in a white uhc tray
  8. holding time for crispy chicken?
    60 mins
  9. max # portion for mcnuggets?
    2 bags i a 4 segment half- size basket
  10. empty fry nugg into...
    48 pieces 1/2 size uhc try maximum
  11. holding time for nuggets?
    20 mins
  12. max drop for chicken selects...
    1 bag (12 pieces) in an open fry basket
  13. max holding time for selcts?
    60 mins max
  14. max number of load size for fish?
    8 portions if using 1/2 size tray and 6 if it's the 1/3 size try
  15. holding time for fish?
    30 mins
  16. six enemies of oil...
    • carbon
    • air
    • salt
    • heat
    • detergent
    • water
  17. how often should you skim the vats
    min of every 30 mins
  18. why is it important to keep the floors clean?
    to prevent slips or fails and reduce fire risks
  19. why should preclose tasks be done?
    sometimes it's possible to handle some closing tasks ahead of close
  20. pre- close tasks... for grill
    • remove unneeded equipment
    • stock grill area
    • turn off and clean unneeded equipment
    • wipe down equipment surfaces with clean, sanitizer - soaked towels
    • clean and polish stainless steel.
    • prepare mop water for production area
    • sweep and mop the floor
    • clean/ shutdown grills
    • clean filters
    • empty greas traps
    • empty fryer vent hood grease traps
  21. how often do you polish... daily? used less frequently?
    if used daily polish daily if used less frequently you polish once a week
  22. what are the 15 close procedures for grill?
    • cover and date remaining products
    • count waste
    • turn off remaining equipment
    • restock cheese
    • take items to sink. wash rinse and sanatize
    • clean surfaces
    • clean fryer and fryer prep area+ fryer filters
    • wash and sanatize freezer and fridge at the fryer station
    • clean grill and grill area
    • clean all grill area equipment
    • return all cleaned equipment and utensils
    • take out breakfast equipment
    • sweep and scrub the floor with hot solid sense floor care solution
    • retrace your steps
    • colpete your pull
  23. pre close for front counter... (8)
    • polish
    • sweep mop
    • clean the service area surfaces
    • clean lobby
    • clean the restrooms
    • wash soiled towels
    • clean back- up areas
    • clean stock room walk in fridge and freezers
  24. colse procedures for front counter? 18
    • return all milk, cremers, and juice to walk in
    • turn off remaing equipment
    • clean fryer and fryer prep area
    • remove and clean fryer filters
    • clean pie holder
    • clean espresso machine
    • remove and clean the pumps from the syrup bottles. replace and clean pumps
    • take unsweet tea dispensers, sweet tea, and iced coffee dispensers to back sink for washing and sanitation
    • clean drink towers
    • clean coffee machines and cream dispenser
    • clean fridge display case
    • check and clean milkshake and soft serve machine
    • record complete waste
    • turn off heated landing zone
    • wipe down front counter
    • return cleaned equipment and utensils
    • sweep and mop floor with floor cleaner
    • check area
  25. open (15 tasks)
    • clean hands
    • turn on biscuit oven
    • turn on grill- side freezers
    • turn on heated landing zone
    • turn on pie holder
    • turn on table and UHC table
    • prepare grills
    • prepare hash brown fryers (temp is 360)
    • turn on muffin toaster
    • plug in Q-ing oven
    • position waste cans and trash cans
    • check grill tool organizer
    • check breakfast tool organizer
    • position egg equipment
    • positoin all supplies
  26. what is fifo?
    first in frist out
  27. for open stock what do you?
    • remove half the days supply of sauces from the walk in
    • thaw burrito mix for the next day
  28. open- Prepare food 4 steps
    • wipe down and sanitize work surface
    • clean hands
    • prepare ingredients
    • cook first runs of product
  29. when are transitions?
    • 9- 9:30 for 10:30 changeover
    • 9:30- 10 for 11 changover
  30. 8 transiton steps
    • turn on toaster
    • turn on table
    • sharpen spatulas and scraper
    • turn on fried product station freezers
    • turn on fried prodects fryers
    • empty garbage
    • wash breakfast utensils
    • check towel buckets
  31. what do you do between 9:30- 10 for 10:30 change
    • (5)
    • stock regular menu product
    • check oil levels
    • place baskets for nuggers, chicken and filer at station
    • stock grill area
    • stock prep table
  32. what do you do between 10 - 10:25 for 10:30 changover (9)
    • adjust product selector settings
    • quickly recheck all stock levels
    • clean and scape grills
    • begin to transition uhcs for regulare menu products
    • steam the grill
    • prepare product
    • evaluate product food saftey
    • ensure KVS monitors show 4 orders
    • set up both sides of the prep table
  33. what do you do between 10:25- 10:30 for changeover? (6)
    • turn off breakfast equipment
    • clean and sanitize breakfast utensils and equipment
    • discard and remaining cooked or heated products
    • store opened products to the walk in fridge
    • temper enough sandwich sauces for the rest of the day and enough cheese for the next 6 to 12 hours
    • remove breakfast product needed for the next day
  34. whats the shift prep for drive thru?
    • check stock levels
    • targets
    • promotions
    • clean hands
  35. customer experience time?
    3 min and 30 seconds
  36. waiting time for drive thru greeting?
    10 secs
  37. order taking time?
    20 to 25 secs
  38. what does order taking consist of?
    • suggestive selling
    • dont interupt
    • clarify
    • direct to cashier
    • store order
  39. drink carrer for...
    2 or more drinks
  40. when assembling the order in drive through presenters must...
    • use ice scopop for ice.
    • lid it
    • use carrer for 2 or more
    • and keep orders together
  41. assembly order must be in _____ to _____ secs
    12 to 16 seconds
  42. cashier recieving time
    10-15 sec
  43. presenting time
    10- 15 sec
  44. 5 steps to change milk
    • stage it
    • transfer it
    • remove it
    • clean it
    • prime it
  45. drizzle hold time
    14 days stored cap down
  46. restock beans 8 steps
    • read it
    • fill it
    • open it
    • pour it
    • clip it
    • close it
    • press it
    • check it
  47. change syrup
    • remove it
    • replace it
    • clean it
    • clear it
  48. expectations for mccafe?
    hot right perefectly made and fresh
  49. procedure for hot choclate?
    • pick it
    • mark it
    • pump it
    • - 5 for medium
    • press it
    • stir it
    • - 12 x's
    • dress it
    • cap it
  50. iced mocha procedures
    • pick it
    • mark it
    • ice it
    • pump it
    • press it
    • stire it
    • dress it
    • cap it
  51. mocha frappe sequence
    • place it
    • press it
    • pick it
    • mark it
    • flip it
    • rinse it
    • dress it
    • cap it
  52. how much of something can you make in a blend?
    3 small or 2 of either medium or large
  53. smoothine procedures
    • place it
    • press it
    • pick it
    • mark it
    • fill it
    • rinse it
    • cap it
  54. cleaning lobby procedures? (5)
    • check trash
    • clean windowns and doors
    • clean floors use wet floor sign
    • stock straws, napkins, bibs, and condiment center
    • clean dining room
  55. cleaning restrooms?
    • 12
    • clean every 30 mins
    • every 15 if busy
    • rubber gloves
    • make sure hand dryers work
    • clean mirrors
    • check hand soap and paper towels
    • make sure faucets work
    • empty trash
    • check toilet paper
    • sweep and mop
    • removes gloves before leaving
    • wash hand
  56. cleaning outside
    • (7)
    • check trash
    • pick up all visible trash
    • sweep up
    • remove spills
    • mop sidewalk
    • take trash to corral
  57. cleaning play place (4)
    • inspect the play area
    • check cleanliness
    • check trah
    • close area if needed
  58. french fries
  59. what state should the fries be at before cooking?
    must be cooked from frozen
  60. 6 steps to basketing fries
    • open bag
    • fill hopper
    • return unused fries to frezzer
    • place lid on hopper
    • set basket load weight
    • place baskets in dispenser
  61. 6 steps to basketing fries by hand
    • move empty fry rack to table, place 4 baskts in fry funnel
    • open bag
    • fill baskets
    • rack filled baskets in order
    • finish filling rack and move filled rack to fry station
    • return unused fries to freezer
  62. what are guest expectaions for fries?
    hot, salted, full, fresh
  63. Temp for french fries?
  64. serving time for fries?
    7 mins
  65. guest expectaions for hash browns?
    hot, crisp outside, and golden brown
  66. serving times for hash browns?
    10 mins
  67. how often should skims of oil occur?
    every 30 mins
  68. why is it important to keep fry station clean?
    most visible areas in the resturant
  69. guest expectations for grill chicken?
    hot, fresh tasting, moist and tender
  70. why do you use blue disposable gloves of yellow tongs to remove chicken from bag?
    prevent harmful contamination of bacteria from the chicken to your hands
  71. why are seperate spatullas used for chicken and beef?
    prevent flavor contamination
  72. what's the max removal time for chicken?
    22 sec
  73. internal temp for chicken?
    140 because harmul bacteria do not grow at or above 140
  74. time for cooking chicken?
    7 1/2 mins 3:45 each
  75. guest expectations for eggs?
    properly cooked, moist, fresh, hot, yoke cooked through
  76. why wear blue gloves when handeling eggs?
    egg shells may hold bacteria
  77. whats the stick and twist method?
    stick yellow spatulla and twist 180 degrees to break egg yoke evenly
  78. max hold time for eggs?
    20 mins
  79. precautions to prevent a fire
    • keep filters in place and exaust on
    • filling vats with oil before there turned on
    • clean up oil spills
    • slowlt pulling fryers forward and turn off the gas valve when cleaning
    • use caution with ciggs
    • be alert for gas oders
    • empty trash
  80. a type extinguishers are to be used in fires with...
    paper or cloth
  81. b type extinguisher are to be used in fires
    containng flammable oil or gases
  82. k type extinguishers are to be used in...
    fryer and vat grease fires
  83. c type extinguisher are to be used only in...
    electrical fires
  84. 3 ways to prevent falls...
    • keep floors clean
    • clean oil spills right away
    • put up caution signs
    • always wear none slip shoes
  85. why is it important to read the labels on cleaning supplies?
    some require caution when you use them
  86. why are only on duty staff allowen in the work area?
    extra people cause confusion
  87. difference between clean and sanitary
    clean means no debris on counter and sanitary means free of harmful levels on contaminantes
  88. max hold on towels
    4 hours
  89. what is food safety?
    effective procedures that ensure food is free of harmful bacteria and viruses or other harmful substances
  90. what are bacteria?
    microscopic organisms found everywhere
  91. heat kills: ____ chicken, ___ meat patties ___ holding cabinent
    • 165
    • 155
    • 140
  92. refridgeration slows at
  93. freezing stops at
  94. 3 instances when hand need to be washed
    • once every hour
    • after restroom
    • befrore work
    • before break
    • after break
    • after work
    • after picking something off the floor
  95. 3 basic hygiene practic
    • if you start to feel ill, tell your manager
    • dont touch or prepare food if you have cuts or sores on your hands
    • keep finger nails trimmed
    • keep long hair pulled up
  96. when do you use white disposable gloves?
    salads or preparing lettuce
  97. how do you avoid cross contamination
    • correct use of gloves
    • correct use of utensils
    • use sanatizer towels properly
  98. how do you prevent chemical contamination?
    • store food at least 6 inches off the floor
    • follow instructions on cleaning products
    • keep chemicals in designated storage areas
    • keep chemicals in properly labeled containers
  99. how to avoid physical contamination?
    • keep foreign objects out of food
    • cover food properly before storing
    • keep food cases off the floor
    • do not remove carton flaps from meat cases when storing them in the gril side freezer
  100. what is hospitality? why is hospitality so important?
    hospitality is important because customers will respect you, have confidence in you, tell others about you, and come back again
  101. what are the five hospitality standards?
    • genuine welcome and thank you
    • cleanliness
    • creating golden moments
    • manager as a hospitality ambassador
    • order accuracy
  102. how would you greet someone your age and someone older?
    older customers will respect a more formal approach
  103. what is a golden moment?
    an experience between employee and customer
  104. 5 examples of how you can fulfill your supporting role as a hospitality ambassador?
    • treat every customer like a valued guest
    • look for opportunities to assist customers with special needs
    • when in the dining room, always greet customers in a friendly and welcoming manner
    • when serving customers, always follow all of mcdonalds service procedures
    • when interacting with customers, always put your best face forward by having a smile on face and a smile in your voice
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