1. main points on tapeworm
    Cestode group

    -two main types: Dipylidium caninum (FLEA)

    and taenia pisiformis (RODENT)

    -Tapeworm is found in intestines of cats and dogs

    -consists of head and long flat segmented body

    zoonotic (not common)

    cannot cross placenta
  2. Clinical signs of tapeworm
    • May show none
    • -digestive upset
    • -poor appetite and weight loss
    • -poor hair coat
    • -vague signs of abdominal discomfort
  3. how do you dx tapeworm?
    • -May be difficult as eggs are in gravid segments
    • -visually around pets anus on stool or in bed
    • -segments resemble grains of rice
  4. what is the LIFE CYCLE DIRECT (Dipylidium caninum) Flea
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  5. what is the LIFE CYCLE IN-DIRECT (Taenia pisiformis) rabbit/rodent
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  6. what are the ROTS for tape worm?
    • Indirect-needs host i.e flea rabbit mouse
    • squirrel, rat ect.
  7. what are the treatment and control of tapeworm?
    • Oral de wormers- Droncit, drontal, drontal plus,
    • lopatol panacur, flea treatment for animal and enviroment
    • -oral de wormers for cats milbemax, cestex, profender
  8. what parasite does this egg belong too?
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