Vocab Week 11

    "on both sides" or "around"
  2. ambiguous
    (adj): doubtful or uncertain especially from being obscure or indistinct; unclear in meaning because of being understandable in more than one way
  3. ambient
    (adj): Existing or present on all sides
  4. ambivalent
    (adj): Holding opposite feelings and attitudes at the same time toward someone or something; continually wavering between opposites or alternate courses of action
  5. ampitheater
    (n0: an oval or circular building with an open area ringed by rising tires of seats used in ancient Rome for contests and spectacles; a large modern theater or stadium
  6. EP/EPI
    "upon" "besides" "attached to" "over" "outer" or "after"
  7. ephemeral
    (adj): lasting a day only; lasting a very short time
  8. epicenter 
    (n): the portion of the earth's surface directly over hte focus of the earthquake
  9. epitaph
    (n): an inscription on a grave or tomb in memory of the one buried there
  10. epithet 
    (n): a descriptive word or phrase occuring with or in place of the name of a person or thing; an insulting or demeaning word or phrase
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