Ferns and Feeding the World

  1. Ferns, Club mosses and horsetails are vascular plants.

  2. Which tend to grow taller, a vascular or non-vascular plant?
    A vascular plant tends to grow taller.
  3. What does a vascular plant do that a non-vascular plant cannot do?
    A vascular plant can use vessels to transport water and nutrients to the cells of the plants. A non-vascular plant does not have vessels and cannot easily transport water and nutrients.
  4. How do ferns, club mosses, and horsetails reproduce?

    C. spores
  5. What type of environment do the spores of ferns, club mosses, and horsetails need for fertilization occur?

  6. What type of plants have true stems, roots, and leaves?

    a. Vascular plants
    b. Non-vascular plants
  7. Which of the following is NOT one of the major food sources for the people on Earth today?

    E. apples
  8. A true moss is a vascular plant.


    True mosses are NON-VASCULAR plants. A club moss is a vascular plant and not truly a moss.
  9. By the year 2050, it is predicted that the population of the world will be __________ people.

    E. 10 billion
  10. As farmers try to produce more food to feed the increasing population of the world, they run into two main problems. What are those problems?

    (You will need to know the answers.)
    • a.) These crops grow only in certain climates
    • b.) The size and structure of these plants limit how much food they can produce.
  11. What are scientists doing to produce plants that can grow in a wider range of climates?

    C. They are genetically engineering the plants
  12. In addition to making plants that can grow in a wider variety of climates through genetic engineering, scientists are also making plants that are _______________.

    A. more resistant to disease
  13. The farming technique in which the water and fertilizer needs of plants are cloely monitored is called _______________.

    B. Precision farming
  14. What two technological devices can farmers use to help them with precision farming?

    (You need to know the answers.)
    • satellite images
    • computer analysis
  15. Precision farming does three main things for the farners.
    What are they?
    • It increases crop yields
    • It saves time
    • It saves money
  16. Reducing the use of fertilizer can help to prevent ___________ from damaging bodies of water.

    C. algal blooms
  17. The technique by which plants are grown in solutions of nutrients instead of in soil is called ____________ .

    E. hydroponics
  18. Is the use of hydroponics expensive or non-expensive?
  19. Even though hydroponics is expensive, it is still used in some areas where _____________ will not support normal farming methods.

    B. soil quality
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