Marx - Lenninism

  1. What is materialism
    To exist in a material world,
  2. Communism is what
    Product of German Philosopher Karl Marx who sought to combine scientific thought to history of human kind. This lead to Materialism, a major principle in Communism
  3. Whywas communism appeal broad
    specifically because of scientific thinking to history held a promise that not only was a better life possible but it was in our control
  4. What was the backdrop to marxist theories?What other philosophers shared his views
    • The backdrop was the height of the industrial revolution. Thinkers like him include
    • Auguste Comte
    • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
    • Robert Owen
    • Etienne Cabet
    • Charles Fourier
  5. What did Marx and his contemperaries believe
    costs of industrial were greater than benefits because of inequalities in wealth, undemocratic limits on liberties, created problems of unemployment, excessive poverty and child labor
  6. What is historical materialism
    economic forces governing the prodcution and consumption or material goods are responsible for determining the course of human history
  7. Who developed the relationships between the structural components of historical materialism and what are they
    Relationship is developed within G.W.F. Hegels theory of the dialectic, a three step process of change involving thesis, antithesis and synthesis
  8. What is the thesis, antithesis and synthesis within the Marxist theory
    Thesis is the dominant economic system, the antithesis is the challanged posedn against the economic system, and the synthesis is the new economic system which results from a resolution of the thesis and antithesis
  9. What is the base of Marx's historical materialism
    Any given economic system is the base, or foundation, on which societies other social, political and cultural institutions, or superstructure, rest
  10. What is Marx's superstructure
    Non-economic structures like governments, police forces, the military, church and schools stand to support the ideas of the base
  11. What are the major contradictions as described by Marxist of capitalism
    That the proletariet, workers, who must sell themselves as a means for survival will be exploited by the bourgeoise whom own the means of production
  12. What was the Vanguard of the Proletariat
    A group of professional revolutionaries to organize and motivate the russian people in a socialist revolution
  13. Where did Lenin study
  14. What lead to Lenin going downa radical path
    The capture and death of his sister Anna and brother Aleksander (Colinal Sanders) after a failed plot to kill Alexander III
  15. What two communist thinkers were the support to Lenin's radical thinking
    Philosopher Karl Marx and fellow communist thinker Friedrich Engels
  16. What was Lenin's involvment in St. Petersburg
    Authoring fiery phamplets and organizing the radical social democratic League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class in 1895
  17. Where was Lenin sent for his actions and imprisoned
  18. What is Lenin's real name
    Vladimir Illych Ulyanov (STEPHANO)
  19. What is, "What is to be done"
    Tired of the people not getting together on their own, he called for enlightened, radical intellectuals to gather together and revolt. Solidifying his position in the Bolsheviek Party
  20. What was the first of 3 problems Lenin and the Bolsheviks faced
    The needed to dispatch the provisional government
  21. What was the incident with the Constituent Assembly
    Jan. of 1918 the Provisional Govt. was adjorned, leaving the Bolsheviks as the largest minority party and Socialist Revolutionaries as the largest party. Bolsheviks saw that they overthrew the Provisional Govt. therefore they were in charge and on Jan. 19th the called the Red Army on the Assembly
  22. What was the second problem faced by Lenin and the Bolsheviks
    WWI conflict was still going on
  23. When did Russia reach and armstice with Germany? Why did it fall through and not happen
    In December of 1917, Trotsky though broke protocol and refused to accept German ocnditions. 
  24. How did Lenin respond after Totsky's decision
    Broke with Trotsky and assented to Germany's condidtions in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 3 1918) 
  25. What were the conditions of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
    Russia lost land in Ukraine however Germany's lose in WWI ment the Treaty never took place
  26. When did Germany lose WWI
    November of 1918
  27. What was the third problem faced by Lenin nd the Bolsheviks
    Need to implement revolutionary change and consolidate transitional regime
  28. What was War Communism
    Borrowed from the Germany war economy. The state nationalized major industry, centralizing managment of production cycles in the hands of the Supreme Economic Council. Also, all private property was eliminated and market exchange made illegal
  29. Who was put in charge of the Economy in War Communism
    Supreme Economic Council
  30. The Desire to destroy radical communist was lead by who
    The counter-revolutionary whites, rallying conservative white officers, Cossacks, students, the bourgeoisie, and highly educated liberals
  31. What did Lenin due in fear being built by loses to the White Army
    Implications of Nicholas II being put back in power by the Whites he had them rescued form their houses in Ekaterinburg and executed
  32. Even with the Whites pressing down on the Reds, pushing from Moscow from the south and Petrograd in the North, why were the Reds successful
    organization, leadership, and will power
  33. What three things complicated Red victory over Whites
    intervention of foreign powers, war with new state Poland, and nationalist moverments for independence
  34. Which large named states intervened on the side of the Whites during the civil war
    Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, the Czechs and the United States
  35. When did Poland invade Russia? With what intent?
    April 1920 with the intent of recapturing Ukraine and what was known as Belorussia (part of the ancient polish empire)
  36. What Treaty ended the war with Poland
    Treaty of Riga 1921 ended a Polish victory
  37. What were the first couple countries to declaire independence against he Soviets after the 1917 revolution
    Belorussia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania
  38. What caucasus territories declared independence from the Russians
    Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
  39. When and how did the Bolsheviks solidify the socialist regime
    December 30th 1922 they put in power the Union fo Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR
  40. What three things can be attributed to the harsh socioeconomic conditions following the establishment of the USSR
    WWI, revolutions of 1917 and the civil war
  41. how was domestic discontent being manifested in Russia
    agricultural and factory strikes
  42. What was the NEP
    New Economic Policy was a retreat from socialism maintaining govt. control of natural resources and industry but allowing retail and small industry 
  43. What was the unintended trouble with the NEP
    small business owners begin to grow in the Kulaks, as their wealth and influence spread so did anti-communist ideas. 
  44. What was done about the Kulaks
    dekulakization under Stalin targeted them for extermination
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