English Vocab

  1. Soliloquy 
    When a character in a play has a monologe speaking to him/her 
  2. Frothy
    Foamy surface (ex coffe)
  3. Debauchery
    Actions of in mortal and mortal parties/unfortunancy 
  4. Piaty
    Holly ness
  5. Defenestration 
    The act of throwing something out the window 
  6. Eponymous
    • Using a proper noun and for titles 
    • (books, songs, albumn) and using it to mean something 
  7. Haury 
    White as with age or frost 
  8. Ingot 
    A block of gold, money (metal)
  9. Etymology 
    The study of words 
  10. Phantasmagoria
    • Something filled with ghost or demons 
    • (Halloween, Faust, Harry Potter)
  11. Arbitrary
    Selected at random 
  12. Ascetic
    Associated with a religious withdraw from pleasures 
  13. Apotheosis 
    The moment of the story when the hero reaches his lowest point and dies 
  14. Monomyth
    The idea that all story's fit the same pattern 
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