final ch 11

  1. The most successful home visit allow teachers to:
    • A. deepen their understand of the child
    • b. instruct the parent on how to better meet their child's needs
    • c. inspect childrens homes for appropriate toys and materials
    • d. all of the above
  2. The most important consideration for teachers when approaching diverse families is:
    c. to treat all families with dignity and respect
  3. which of the following statements concerning educational field trips is incorrect?

    D. none of the above
  4. which of the following can be a serious barrier to effective parent-teacher communication?
    c. using only educational jargon when explaing students classroom behavior or learning
  5. a brief telephone call to parents during the first week of school allows a teacher to:
    b. lay a foundation for an effective working relationship
  6. true of false
    parents as well as teachers have a responsibility for giving feedback after completion of parent-teacher conferences
  7. true of false
    technology, such as electronic mail and telephone answering machines, can be used to share information with parents and teachers, thus eliminating need for other telephone communication or personal notes
  8. true or false
    legal requirements dictate tha teachers should involve parents of children with disabilities in planning and implementing educational programs for their children.
  9. true or false
    the best way to communicate with parents is to post notices on bulliten boards
  10. true or false
    teachers and parents have equal responsibility for establishing and maintaing communicationt
  11. true or false
    classroom visits should be restricted to those parents whohve made advance appointments
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