1. First
    freedom of religion, speech, press
  2. Second
    Right to bear arms
  3. Third
    quartering of troops in private homes
  4. Fourth
    Search and Seizure
  5. Fifth 
    Double jeopardy and protection from self-incrimination in criminal proceedings
  6. Sixth
    Right to due process, speedy trial by jury
  7. Seventh
    Jury trial in civil cases
  8. Eighth
    protection from excess bail and cruel or unusual punishment
  9. Ninth
    Powers reserved to the people
  10. Tenth
    powers reserved to the states
  11. Eleventh
    Limitations of federal judicial power
  12. Twelfth
    election of president and vice president on the same ticket
  13. Thirteenth
    Eliminated slavery in the United States
  14. Fourteenth
    Granted US citizenship to all African-Americans
  15. Fifteenth
    granted African-American males over 21 the right to vote in all elections
  16. Sixteenth
    established the Federal Income tax
  17. Seventeenth
    Direct election of US Senators
  18. Eighteenth
  19. Nineteenth
    Granted women the right to vote
  20. Twentieth
    Moved Presidential inauguration from March to January and set VP as first in line of succession
  21. Twenty-first
    repealed the 18th
  22. Twenty-Second
    LImited President to two terms or 10 years
  23. Twenty-Third
    Electors for DC
  24. Twenty-Fourth
    Eliminated Poll Taxes
  25. Twenty-fifth
    presidential succession
  26. Twenty-sixth
    18-year-olds may vote
  27. Twenty-Seventh
    Congressional Pay Raises
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