ch. 38 sensory perception

  1. Acute confusion
    abrupt onset of reversible disturbances of consciousness, attention, cognition, and perception that develop over a short period of time
  2. Auditory
  3. Awareness
    the ability to perceive internal and external stimuli, and to respond appropriately through thought and action
  4. Cultural care deprivation
    the lack of culturally assistive, supportive, or facilitative acts
  5. Cultural deprivation
    cultural care deprivation
  6. Delirium
    acute confusion
  7. Gustatory
  8. Kinesthetic
    awareness of the position and movement of body parts
  9. Olfactory
  10. Sensory deficit
    impaired reception, perception, or both of one or more of the senses
  11. Sensoristasis
    the state in which a person is in optimal arousal
  12. Sensory deprivation
    occurs whena  person receives decreased sensory input or monotonous or meaning less sensory input
  13. Sensory overload
    occurs when a person experiences excessive sensory input and is unable to process or manage stimuli
  14. Sensory perception
    involves conscious organization and translation of the data or stimuli into meaningful information
  15. Sensory reception
    the process of receiving stimuli or data
  16. Stereognosis
    ability to perceive and understand an object through touch by its size, shape, and texture
  17. Tactile
  18. Visceral
    any large organ within the body
  19. Visual
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