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  1. Glacier
    Large mass of perrenial ice formed by accumulation and recrystallization of snow, which flows slowly under pressure of its own weight and pull of gravity 
  2. Alpine glacier
    Glacier confined to a mountain valley 
  3. V-shaped valley
    Carved by rivers
  4. U-shaped valley 
    carved by glaciers
  5. Hanging valley 
    Valleys carved by tributary glaciers that are high above the glaciated valley floor
  6. Hanging waterfall 
    Waterfall coming out of a hanging valley 
  7. Horn
    Pyramidal, sharp-pointed peak
  8. Arete 
    Sharp ridge
  9. Cirque 
    Scooped out basin at a head of a glacier valley
  10. Tarn 
    • Small mountain lake collects ina cique basin
    • ex: Jenny Lake
  11. Paternoster lakes
    String of small lakes down a glaciated valley 
  12. Col 
    high pass of saddle-like narrow depression formed by two cirques
  13. Moraine
    Accumulation of unsorted glacial debris (soil and rock)
  14. There are two types of glaciers; what are they? 
    • 1. Alpine glaciers
    • 2. Continental glaciers
  15. What is an Alpine glacier?
    • It is ice accumulation in mountains.
    • Ex: Valley, Cirque
  16. What are continental glaciers?
    • Ice sheets, ice caps
    • Ex: Greenland, Antarctica
  17. Glaciers vs. Snow
    • Glaciers:                  vs.                Snow:
    • - Recrystalize                               - Not as dense
    • - Dense ice                                  - Doesn't flow
    • - Move, flow
  18. What mechanisms, besides gravity,  do glaciers need to move? 
    • 1. Plastic flow (cold-base glaciers)
    • 2. Basal slip (warm-base glaciers)
  19. Crevasse
    Where glacier moves over steps in bedrock topography and where it curves; cracking and breaking
  20. Till 
    very fine sediment, chalky
  21. What are the three types of erosion that are caused by glaciers?
    • 1. Ice push
    • 2. Abrasion
    • 3. Plucking
  22. What occurs during the process of ice push?
    As glaciers move they push debris to the side, front, or out of the way.
  23. What occurs during the process of abrasion?
    Rocks grinding on other rocks; creates glacier polish
  24. What occurs during the process of plucking?
    • Large material being stuch in glacier and moving with it.
    • (big boulders)
  25. What evidence proves glaciation?
    (What are the three types?
    • 1. Glacial Polish
    • 2. Striations
    • 3. Depositional 
  26. What is a moraine?
    Where a river used to be.
  27. Soils video
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