Krashens Language Acquisition Theory

  1. What are the 2 diferent processes of acquisition and learning according to Krashen?
    • Learning: knowing about a language formally (school)
    • Acquisition: the unconscious mind related activity that occurs when language is used in conversation
  2. Monitoring
    Learning acts as a monitor- it detects errors in order to make corrections, avoids emphasis on error correction and grammar at early stages
  3. Input
    • Needs to be comprehensible
    • Input

  4. Zone of Proximal Development
    Instruction immediately above the level of comprehension & embedded in meaningful context
  5. Affective Filter
    Optimal input occurs when AF is lowered. AF is a screen of emotion that can block learning or language acquisition if it keeps users too embarrassed
  6. Natural Order (definition)
    Natural progression/ development exhibited by infants/ young children or  second (adult/child) language learners
  7. Natural Order (order of levels)
    • Level I: Preproduction
    •      *silent, minimal comprehension, no verbal output
    • Level II: Early Production Stage:
    •      *limited comphrension; 1-2 word responses
    • Level III: Speech Emergence
    •      *Increased comprehension; simple sentences, some errors in speech
    • Level IV: Intermediate Fluency:
    •      *Very good comprehension; more complex sentences, complex errors in speech
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