Animal and Plant cells

  1.  Nucleus
    Controls the cell's activities
  2. Cytoplasm
    Where many chemical reactions take place
  3. Cell membrane
    Controls the movement of materials in and out of the cell
  4. Mitochondria
    Where energy is released during aerobic respiration
  5. Ribosomes
    Where protein synthesis takes place
  6. What is protein synthesis?
    The process by which proteins are made on the ribomsomes based on the informationfrom the genes in the nucleus
  7. Cell Wall
    Made of cellulose for support
  8. Chloroplasts
    • Contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis
    • Chloroplasts absorb light energy to make food
  9. Permanent Vacuole
    • Contains cell sap 
    • Where water is stored
  10. Which 'cell parts' are not in animal cells but are in Plant and algal cells? (3)
    • Cell Wall
    • Chloroplasts
    • Permenant vacuole
  11. Algal Cell
    • The cells of algae 
    • Single celled or simple multicellular organisms
    • Can photosynthesise but are not plants
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Animal and Plant cells
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