muscle pract 3

  1. flex and rotate lumbar region of vertebral column, fix and depress ribs, stabilize pelvis during walking, increase intra-abdominal pressur, used in sit-ups and curl
    retus abdominis
  2. retus abdominis nerve
    intercostal nerves T6 or T7-T12
  3. when pari contract simultaneouly, flex vertebral column and compress abdominal wall and increase intra abdominal pressur, acting individully aid muscles of back in rotating trunk and flexing laterally ,
    external oblique
  4. external oblique nerve
     intercostal nerves (T7-T12)
  5. Same as for external oblique
    internal oblique
  6. internal oblique nerve
    intercostal nerves T7-T12 and L1
  7. compresses abdominal contents
    transversus abdominis
  8. transversus abdominis nerve
    inter contal nerve (T7-T12) and L1
  9. supports and maintains position of  pelvic viscera, resists downward thrusts that accompany rises in intrapelvic pressure during coughing, bomiting and expulsive efforts of abdominal muscles, forms sphinctors at anoretal junctiona and vagina, lifts anal canal during defication
    levator ani
  10. levataor ani nervs
    S3, S4 and inferior rectal nerve (branch of pudendal nerve)
  11. supports pelvic viscera, supports coccyx and pulls it forward after it has been reflected posteriorly by defecation and childirth
  12. coccygeus nerves
    S4, S5
  13. supports pelvic organs, steadies central tendon
    deep transverse perineal muscle
  14. deep transverese perineal muscle nerve
    pudendal nerve
  15. constricts urethra, allows voluntary inhibition of urination helps suppport pelvic organs
    external urethral sphincter
  16. external urethral sphincter nerve
    pudendal nerve
  17. prime mover for flexing thigh, or for flexing trunk on thigh during a bow
  18. iliacus nerve
    femoral nerve (L2 and L3)
  19. flexing thigh, or for flexing trunk on thigh during a bow also flexes vertebral xolumn laterally, importan postural muscle
    psoas major
  20. psoas major nerve
    ventral rami (L1-L3)
  21. flexes, abducts and laterally rotates thigh, cross leg position.
  22. anterior part adducts and medially rotates, and flexes thigh, posterior part is a synergist of hamstrings to extend thigh
    adductor magnus
  23. adductor magnus nerve
    obturator nerve and sciatic nerve L2-L4
  24. adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
    adductor longus
  25. adductor longus nerve1
    obturator nerve L2-L4
  26. adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
    adductor brevis
  27. adductor brevis
    obturator nerve
  28. adducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg, especially during wlaking
  29. gracilis nerve
    obturator nerve
  30. major extensor of thigh, like climbing stairs
    gluteus maximus
  31. gluteus maximus nerve
    inferior gluteal nerve (L5, S1 and S2)
  32. abducts and medially rotates thigh
    gluteus medius
  33. gluteus medius nerve
    superior gluteal nerve (L5 and S1)
  34. like gluteus medius also abducts and medially rotates thigh
    gluteus minimus
  35. gluteus minimus nerve
    S1 and S2, L5
  36. steadies the knee and trunk on thigh by making illotibial tract taut, flexes and abducts thigh, rotates thigh medially
    tensor fasciae latae
  37. tensor fascia latae nerve
    superior gluteal nerve L4 and L5
  38. extends thigh and flexes knee, laterally rotates lege, especially when knee is flexed
    biceps femoris
  39. extends thigh and flexes knee, with help from the semimembranosus it medially rotates leg
  40. extens thigh and flexes knee, medially rotates leg
  41. biceps femoris nerve
    sciatic nerve - tibial nerve to long head, common fibular nerve to short head L5-S2
  42. semitendinosus nerve
    sciatic nerve - tibial nerver portion L5-S2
  43. semimembranosus nerve
    sciatic nerve -tibial nerve portion L5-S2
  44. extends knee and flexes thigh at hip
    rectus femoris
  45. extends and stabilizes knee
    vastus lateralis
  46. extends knee
    vastus medialis
  47. what is the nerves to the quadriceps femoris
    femoral nerve L2-L4
  48. extends kneel like vastus medialis
    vastus  intermedius
  49. prime mover of dorsiflextion, inverst foot, helps support medial longitudinal arch of foot
    tibialis anterior
  50. tibialis anterior nerve
    deep fibular nerve L4 and L5
  51. Prime mover of toe extension(acts mainly at metatarsopholangela joints, dorsiflexes foot
    extensor digitorum longus
  52. extensor digitorum longus nerve
    deep fibular nerve L5 and S1
  53. plantar flexes foot when knee is extended, because it also crosses knee joint, it can flex knee when foot is dorsiflexed
  54. gastrocnemius nerve
    tibial nerve (S1, S2)
  55. plantar flexes foot, important locomotor and postural muscle during walking, running and dancing
  56. soleus nerve
    tibial nerve
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