SS SP Ch. 22-23

  1. The earliest U.S. presidents urged the U.S. to become...
  2. What let the US intervene in Latin America?
    Roosevelt Corollary
  3. What limited Cuba's right to make treaties or borrow money?
    the Platt Amendment
  4. What gave Puerto Ricans limited say in government?
    the Foraker Act
  5. What group of nations worked together in the western hemisphere to solve problems?
    the Pan-American Union
  6. What was the rebellion against foreigners in China called?
    the Boxer Rebellion
  7. areas around seaports where nation had special trading privileges
    sphere of influence
  8. In 1870-1914, what did nation practice in China?
  9. What did Americans call the purchase of Alaska?
    Seward's Folly
  10. Which president took the Panama canal zone?
    Teddy Roosevelt
  11. Why did Americans object to the treaty ending the Spanish American War?
    it made the US a political power
  12. Why was Emilio Aguinaldo pissed after the war?
    US didn't give back their land
  13. What 2 islands were gained after the Spanish-American War?
    Puerto Rico & the Philippines
  14. What was the immediate cause of the Spanish-American War?
    the destruction of the Maine
  15. Why was joining the League of Nations opposed?
    it would put the US in future wars
  16. What 2 people fought for Cuban independence?
    Lola Rodriguez & Jose Marty,
  17. Wilson's goals for peace included what?
    end to secret agreements, self-determination, protection of independence
  18. Who opened up trade in Japan?
    Commodore Mathew Perry
  19. Allied Powers included leaders from
    the Big Four
  20. Who wanted to annex Hawaii?
    American sugar planters in Hawaii
  21. Where did we get Alaska?
    we pulled it out of our ass... Russia
  22. What was the immediate cause of WW2?
    assassination of me the archduke Franz Ferdinand
  23. policy of building of armed forces
  24. What required men ages of 21-30 to register for the draft?
    those corrupt Congress bastards Selective Service Act
  25. Who refused to fight in wars?
    pussies pacifists
  26. What was the German emperor called?
    the Douche-bag of the Day a kaiser
  27. association of BIG and small nations
    League of Nations
  28. winning support by revealing just one side of the story
  29. Windrow Wilson's goals for peace
    Fourteen Points
  30. required Germany to take blame
    Versailles Treaty
  31. ended WW1 on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
  32. where was most of the fighting during WW1?
  33. What led Russia to w/ draw from the war?
    they were pussies the Russian Revolution
  34. John J. Pershing led..
    the American Expeditionary Forces
  35. US role when WW1 began
    to stay neutral
  36. When did US start to control manufacturing and food?
    when we entered WW1
  37. helped war effort in factories
    machines women
  38. What did the US do when neutral?
    gave supplies to the Allied Powers
  39. What caused Wilson to break relations w/ Germany?
    sinking of the Lucitania
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SS SP Ch. 22-23
SS SP Ch. 22-23