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  1. Ethical standards are
  2. The use of arm gestures, facial expressions, and turning ones head are all examples of
    Nonverbal communication
  3. The type of law that applies to most malpractice suits is
    Civil law
  4. The study of disease is called
  5. Normal, acceptable behavior in our society is known as
  6. In order to terminate a contract with the patient, the physician should
    Notify the patient in writing
  7. The Americans with Disabilities Act is concerned with
    Providing opportunities for physically challenged persons
  8. Libel is defamation through
    Written statements that tend to damage an individuals reputation
  9. To show empathy, the medical assistant could
    Acknowledge the patients feelings
  10. The government agency responsible for the physical protection of employees in the workplace is
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  11. Which of the following patients would not require a legal consent to surgery?
    An emancipated minor
  12. A voluntary form of credentialing is
    Registration, Certification
  13. The four Ds necessary to prove negligence in a malpractice case include
    Duty, derelict, direct cause, damages
  14. Primary Care Associates has been approached by a surgical group proposing that its members be allowed to act as consultants for the practices patients who may need surgery. In return, the surgical group would compensate the practice for the referrals. From the following choices, select the answer that correctly describes this business proposition.
    Fee splitting, unethical
  15. A physicians license can be revoked or suspended for
    Conviction of a crime, Unprofessional activity, Physical or mental incapacitation, Senility
  16. Which of the following is an example of a closed question?
    Are you an only child?
  17. Many doctors offices subscribe to answering services. These services
    Answer calls when the office is closed
  18. In dealing with patients with limited understanding, the medical assistant should
    Give detailed explanations slowlyand explain as you go along
  19. Effective telephone communication includes
    Being courteous and displaying a positive attitude and personality
  20. The branch of civil law that compensates individuals for injury is called
    Tort law
  21. A damage award given to a patient to cover all medical bills, extended hospital stays, rehabilitation services, and prescriptions is known as
    Compensatory damages
  22. Which of the following is not one of the eight stages of psychosocial development as identified by Erik Erikson?
    Initiative versus despair
  23. The concept that influences scientific research involving patients whose conditions are so serious that doing nothing is likely to be as dangerous as the treatment or procedure being studied is
  24. The doctrine of respondeat superior means
    Let the master answer
  25. Patients are more likely to respond and cooperate with the medical team if they
    Become responsible for decisions affecting their health
  26. The use of silence
    Can be used whenever the medical assistant feels threatened
  27. The most basic of Maslows hierarchy of needs is
    Physiological needs (food and water)
  28. When dealing with questions from a pediatric patient, the medical assistant should
    Give short, honest answers
  29. A persons failure to act in a reasonable and prudent manner is called
  30. The patient agrees to a procedure or treatment with reasonable knowledge of and the capacity to understand the procedure or treatment. The patient can be said to have given
    Informed consent
  31. The abbreviation for immediately is
  32. For which of the following symptoms can the medical assistant offer advice over the telephone?
    m.a. can not give advice over the phone
  33. The doctor-patient relationship is legally considered
    A contract
  34. Performing only those procedures that a medical assistant is trained to do and allowed to do by law is said to be
    Working within the scope of practice
  35. Basic telephone techniques include
    Controlling the speed, enunciation, volume, and pronunciation of the voice at all times
  36. A contract is a(n)
    Mutual agreement, based on sufficient consideration, to do or not to do certain things
  37. The physician has certain contractual obligations to the patient, which include
    The physician will not abandon the patient, The physician will allow sufficient time for the patient to retain the services of another physician, should the need arise, The physician will possess and exercise the degree of skill and care similar to the degree of skill and care of other physicians in a similar type of practice
  38. To practice good communication techniques, the medical assistant will
    Be effective at sending and receiving messages
  39. The performance of an act that is wrongful and unlawful is called
  40. The authorization to withdraw artificial life support that is made in advance is called
    An advance directive
  41. Tell me how the medication is working is an example of
    An open-ended question
  42. The theorist who identified the stages of grief as it relates to dying is
    Elizabeth Kebler-Ross
  43. Adopting the feelings of others best describes
  44. When one state accepts another states license, this is known as
  45. According to the AMA Code of Ethics, all of the following are permitted by ethical standards except
  46. Once a medical facility has received notice that a patient has initiated a lawsuit, the patient usually signs a statement releasing the facility and the doctor from the requirements of
  47. Among Maslows hierarchy of needs, the need for self-fulfillment best describes
    Self-actualization need
  48. Which of the following contributes to a persons personality?
    Environment, Heredity, Life experience, Age
  49. A call-back to convey information to a patient should
    Always be documented in the medical record
  50. Assuming the sick role may bring all of the following except
  51. When the medical assistant does not understand what the patient has said, which of the following would be appropriate to clarify the communication?
    Im sorry, I did not understand what you just said. Could you please repeat it?
  52. Disclosing unpleasant information to a patient is best supported by the ethical concept of
  53. The process of relaying information from the health care provider to the patient is known as
    Therapeutic communication
  54. A minor offense that usually results in only a fine is a(n)
  55. Directing communication toward important topics is known as
  56. What is Licensure?
    Is a mandatory credential to practice medicine, Can be revoked or suspended, Is the strongest form of administrative regulation
  57. The prescription term indicating as desired is
    ad lib
  58. When interacting with an adolescent, which of the following points should the medical assistant remember?
    Answer the patients questions openly and honestly
  59. The function of law includes all of the following except
    To profit
  60. Which of the following may require notification of the appropriate agencies?
    Scarlet fever
  61. When a collected amount is entered on the daily ledger, the fee that the collection agency charged should be
    Entered as an office expense
  62. Usually, the basis under which specialists are reimbursed is
  63. While performing a venipuncture, the medical assistant experiences a needle stick. The policy for this type of injury would be found in the Office Procedures Manual section called
    OSHA Guidelines
  64. Spreadsheets are another example of applications software. Spreadsheets are
    Data arranged in a matrix
  65. Fixed scheduling
    Allots specific time periods to patients
  66. Documents stored in the medical record
    Are stored in reverse chronological order (most recent first)
  67. The second unit in alphabetic filing is the patients
    First name
  68. Encounter form and superbill are other names for the
    Charge slip
  69. One type of manual accounting system that is used in offices is a peg board system. This system is also known as a
    Write-it-once system
  70. Medicare Part A covers
    Services in an extended care facility
  71. The system used by the Department of Health and Human Services for the coding of procedures that are covered by federal insurance is the
  72. A patient has filed bankruptcy under Chapter XIII. Under such a bankruptcy, the medical office
    Will receive payments from the trustee in charge of the patients bankruptcy
  73. Setting up a matrix in the appointment book means that the medical assistant
    Blocks out the time when the physician is out of the office and cannot see patients in the office
  74. A person who is not an established patient walks into the doctors office asking to be seen. The medical assistant should
    Determine that the patient is not in an emergency condition and then offer the person the first available appointment
  75. All medical records, including computer data back-up disks, should be
    Kept in a fire-resistant file cabinet
  76. Another name for money that is owed to the practice is
  77. Mary Alice Jones, a foster child, is a Medicaid patient. She has a procedure performed by the doctor for which the doctor charges $100.00. The state that Mary Alice lives in allows $80.00 for the procedure. The physician is paid
  78. Money owed is known as
  79. Which of the following names is alphabetized first?
    Saint-Charles, Angela
  80. A business envelope
    Is 10 inches long
  81. The federal health program for the elderly and disabled is known as
  82. Checks that are received by the medical facility should be endorsed with a
    Restrictive endorsement
  83. All insurance must be paid for. This payment is called the
  84. The amount of money that must be paid each year for services before the insurance company begins to pick up the payments is known as the
  85. Jane and Tim Barton both work and participate in the health insurance plans offered by their separate employers. They have small children. The medical facility determines whether Janes or Tims insurance is the primary plan by establishing
    Whose birthday comes first in the year
  86. Part of organizing the day means to review what is going to happen that day. This includes all of the following except
    Paying the bills for the office
  87. If a claim is rejected by the insurance company,
    The reason for the rejection will be on a remittance advice form, The claim should be resubmitted immediately, correcting what was on the remittance advice form, The patient should not be notified
  88. A filing system that maintains patient anonymity is
  89. The program that provides benefits for the dependent spouses and children of veterans who suffered total, permanent service disabilities or who died as a result of those service-connected disabilities is
  90. Elaboration on a code because a procedure was extensive or unusual requires the use of a
    Two-digit modifier
  91. A very large check has to be written out for a piece of expensive equipment. The company selling the equipment to the practice wants to make sure that the check will clear the bank. The company can be assured of this by having the office issue
    A check and having it certified
  92. For the most part, all classification systems are updated every year. CPT updates are available from
    The American Medical Association
  93. If a patients last name has a prefix such as Van, the prefix is considered
    To be part of the last name
  94. All of the following should be considered in evaluating an employee except
    Comments and observations made by other staff members
  95. The first disease classification system was compiled by the
    American Medical Association
  96. An insurance plan that will pay a percentage of the charge for each service is called a(n)
    Indemnity plan
  97. The most frequent reason for an insurance claim to be rejected is that
    The procedures are not linked to the diagnosis
  98. Proofreading a document involves
    Reading the document, Checking the document for accuracy, Checking for clarity of the message being sent, Indicating corrections to be made
  99. After a hospitalization, copies of which the following records are usually sent to the primary care physicians office?
    Discharge summary and operative reports
  100. In instances where there may be confusion about patient names, the procedure to use is
  101. For documentation using the SOAP format, information in the P section would include
    Plans for the patients treatment
  102. The Health Insurance Association of America has sought to have all medical claims filed on a common form. The form that is the most accepted for office visits is
  103. Payments made to providers under Medicare Part B are based on
    A resource-based relative value system (RBRVS)
  104. A managed care plan that includes a deductible is a(n)
    Preferred provider organization plan
  105. The first three digits of the ICD code are helpful in
    • Locating the general area in which the code can be found
    • The documents in problem-oriented medical records are
    • Organized according to the patients particular problems
  106. An effective tool that a medical office can use as a guiding principle of maintaining high standards is a(n)
    Office policy manual
  107. The insurance program developed to cover the children of the working poor is called
  108. The plan that pays the primary doctor monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payments in return for providing all care to the patient, including visits to specialists, is
  109. Medicare claims are processed by
    Insurance companies that contract with the federal government
  110. In order to give more specificity to the cause of a problem, the modifiers E and M are used. The letter E is used to identify
    The cause of a wound
  111. Most medical facilities collect co-payments or balances due from patients
    At each visit
  112. In order to properly utilize and inventory supplies, it is necessary to
    Keep supplies with the expiration date closest to the current date to the front
  113. The purpose of the medical record is to
    Provide statistical information, Provide patients with continuity of care, Provide legal documentation of all patient care
  114. Under Medicare Part B, which of the following goods/services would be covered?
    Medications administered in the medical office
  115. If a patient has a secondary diagnosis or a complication, it is necessary to
    Code the underlying disease first
  116. Correspondence directed to a specific individual in a company has the designation listed on the envelope
    Directly above the address
  117. Maintaining the office and its equipment and supplies involves managing the relationship between
    The office administrator and the contractors or vendors
  118. Payments under Medicare are made to hospitals based on the
    Primary diagnosis
  119. Computers are used daily in the medical office. However, at the end of each day it is a good office practice to
    Back up each days work on a disk or magnetic tape
  120. Which of the following patients should be seen by the doctor as soon as possible?
    The patient who has been stung by a bee and is experiencing difficulty breathing
  121. Which of the following would be filed first?
    Jones, E. W.
  122. Usually, the first evaluation of a new employee is done after
    The probation period
  123. A policy and procedure manual should include all of the following except
    Diagnoses that the doctors deal with
  124. In the alphabetic system, each name is broken down into
  125. Which of the following is not part of the patient medical record?
    Financial records pertaining to the patient
  126. A letter that must reach its destination within 24 hours should be sent by
    Express mail
  127. A patient may request that he or she be allowed to make monthly payments instead of putting the account into collection. In this case, the medical assistant should
    Draw up a written credit agreement with the patient, stating the minimum amount due each month
  128. The code that is usually sufficient for most CPT coverage is a
    Five-digit code
  129. If there is a question about the amount of money that has been drawn on a check, the legal amount is determined by
    The written amount
  130. The classification of inactive for a medical record is determined by
    Office policy
  131. Before a piece of correspondence can be filed, it must first be
    Initialed by the physician
  132. Open office hours
    Give patients more flexibility, Can result in lengthy waits for some patients
  133. Computers can be used in the office for a variety of functions. These include
    Scheduling appointments, Billing, Insurance form completion, Correspondence
  134. A 16-year-old goes to the doctor for a pregnancy test. The office may
    Ask the patient to pay at the time of the visit
  135. Jennifer, a foster child, is a Medicaid patient. She has a procedure performed by the doctor for which he charges $100.00. The physicians office can bill Jennifers foster parents
  136. Originally, ICD coding was used
    To track disease processes, In medical research, To evaluate hospital service utilization, To classify the cause of death
  137. A letter that weighs 13 ounces should be sent by
    First class mail
  138. Using the alphabetic system of filing, The Harris Office Supply Company would be filed under
  139. When sorting the mail for the physician, the mail should be arranged
    In order of importance
  140. In keying the second page of a document, all of the following apply except
    Keep a minimum of one line on the bottom of the page and one line at the top of the next page when dividing a paragraph
  141. Which of the following would require a CPT code?
    Mastectomy, Appendectomy, Hysterectomy, Rhinoplasty
  142. The largest unit used for storage of electronic information is the
  143. The type of computer printer that produces the sharpest image is the
  144. Manual scheduling of appointments utilizes
    Spiral-bound appointment books
  145. Which of the following is being created when a transcriber presets the format for the transcription?
    The template
  146. The letter style in which the first line of each new paragraph is indented five spaces is
  147. For coding a diagnosis, the first place to go is
    Volume II of the ICD-9-CM
  148. The procedure that protects against the loss of computer data is known as
    Backing up
  149. The correct format for the salutation to a physician named David Roberts is
    Dear Dr. Roberts
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