The Constitution

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  1. s1
    Legislative power
  2. s2
    Govenor General
  3. s7
  4. s13
    Rotation of senators
  5. s15
    Casual Vacancies
  6. s24
    House of Reps.
  7. s28
    Duration of House of Reps
  8. s51
    Legislative powers of government
  9. s52
    Executive powers of the parliament
  10. s53
    Powers of the houses
  11. s57
    Disagreement between the houses
  12. s61
    Executive power
  13. s62
    Federal executive council
  14. s64
    Ministers of state
  15. s67
    Appointment of civil servants
  16. s68
    Command of naval/military forces
  17. s71
    Judicial power and courts
  18. s72
    Judge appointment and tenure
  19. s73
    Appellate Jurisdiction
  20. s75
    Original Jurisdiction
  21. s86
    collection and control of duties
  22. s90
    Exclusive power and customs
  23. s92
    Free trade within the commonwealth
  24. s96
    Financial assistance to states
  25. s106
    Saving of constitutions
  26. s107
    saving power of State Parliaments
  27. s108
    saving of state laws
  28. s109
    Inconsistency of laws
  29. s114
    States may not raise forces
  30. s115
    States may not coin money
  31. s116
  32. s121
    New states may be admitted
  33. s125
    Seat of Government
  34. s127
  35. s128
    Mode of altering the constitution
  36. Chapter one
  37. Chapter two
  38. Chapter three
    The judicature
  39. Chapter Four
    Finance and Trade
  40. Chapter Five
    The states
  41. Chapter six
    New States
  42. Chapter seven
  43. Chapter eight
    Alteration of the Constitution
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