Bio 120 Lab FInal

  1. Image Upload 1
    also know interpupillary distance scale
  2. 4X power
    • 4.40 mm
    • 1.75 mm
    • .44 mm
  3. Prokaryotic Cells
    • bacteria and archaea (archaea live in more extreme areas)
    • lack membrane bound nucleus
    • small compared to eukaryotic cells
    • have gelatinous outer coating called gylcocalyx (thick glycocalyx called capsule)
  4. Anabaena Slide Prep
    • -simple wet mount prep
    • -place drop or two of anabaena onto center of slide and put on a cover slip
  5. Elodea Slide Prep
    • -add water, then add leaf piece, apply cover slip
    • -possibly see cytoplasmic streaming
    • -as you focus on this one you can focus on top, bottom and middle of it
  6. Cheek Cell Slide Prep
    • -place drop or two of methylene blue stain on slide
    • -scrape cheek with blunt end of toothpick
    • -rub toothpick in stain
    • -stain colors the dna
  7. Tradescantia Slide Prep
    • put couple drops of distilled water on slide
    • pull staminal hairs from flower and put in water
  8. Green Pepper Slide Prep
    • thin cross section!!
    • wet mount slide
  9. Red Pepper Slide Prep
    • pull section of skin off!!
    • wet mount slide
  10. Banana (musa) slide Prep
    • wet mount slide, but use eraser to push coverslip down 
    • starch grains used to be leucoplasts which are starch/energy storage
    • each layer is one day of starch creation
  11. Ameoba Slide Prep
    • use dissecting microscope to make sure you get one
    • wet mount slide
  12. Paramecium Slide Prep
    • pipette solution onto slide, add protoslo to that bastard
    • uses cilia for movement 
    • cilia=oars
    • flagella=whip like motion
  13. Cristae
    small folds in mitochondria to increase surface area for atp synthesis
  14. Thylakoid
    membrane inside  chloroplasts
  15. Nucleolus
    • ribosomal subunit assembly
    • mRNA
  16. Solute
    substance dissolved in solvent
  17. Solvent
    liquid that has dissolved or can dissolve solutes
  18. Solution
    solvent and dissolved solutes
  19. Isotonic Solution
    solute concentrations same on inside and outside of cell
  20. Hypotonic Solution
    (compared to cell)
    • hypo=low (hypothermia)
    • low solute concentration outside of cell
    • (solution will flow into cell to equal it out)
    • could cause cells to swell or burst
  21. Hypertonic Solution
    (compared to cell)
    • higher solute concentration outside of cell
    • (fluid will rush out of cell until it equals out)
    • cells shrink
  22. Turgor Pressure
    the pressure exerted from inside the cells against the cell wall to keep the plant upright
  23. Binary Fission
    cell division in prokaryotes 
  24. Plasmolysis
    • where plasma membrane is pulled from cell wall
    • vacuole decreases in size because fluid is pulled out of cell
    • can result in cell death if over prolonged periods of time
  25. Bean Root Tip Slide Prep
    • cut off white pointed part of tip 
    • add stain to tip
    • let stand for 2 minutes
    • apply coverslip
    • squish with eraser
  26. Chives Slide Prep
    • select four buds, do not use yellow buds
    • put buds on slide and add stain
    • use a razor blade and destroy the buds
    • let stain for ten minutes without drying out
    • move large chunks off slide and add coverslip
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