1. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ file will go to the location pointed to by box B.
  2. A ____ IP address is one which can be accessed by packets on the Internet.
  3. The disadvantage of WAP-enabled devices is their ____
    screen size
  4.  replaced analog technology with digital technology and added support for text messages
  5. In the accompanying figure, the type of signal represented by B is a(n) ____
    analog signal
  6. The elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B and back is called
  7. is an up-and-coming standard destined to be deployed by ISPs and cell phone carriers to allow seamless handoff between one tower and another
    Mobile WiMAX
  8. A group of computers temporarily networked to download a file is a _
  9. The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, D points to ____ data.
  10. The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, E points to
    the Internet
  11. The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, B points to a(n)
  12. Messaging and chat protocols include all of the following EXCEPT
  13.  The octets in an IP address correspond to a ____.
    network class
  14. _ technologies support digital transmission for both voice and data.
  15. The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, A points to ____ data
  16. 3G technologies have speeds ranging from 200 Kbps to ____
    5 Mbps
  17. To set up free VoIP, you and the people you communicate with can install free VoIP clients such as
  18. An Ethernet-compatible network standard designated as IEEE 802.16 is ____.
  19. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the file to be ____ is indicated by box A.
  20. The average “survival time” for an unprotected computer to remain uncompromised is only
    nine minutes
  21. Sending computer data over a ____ system required a voiceband modem to convert digital data into audible signals
    Both a. and b.
  22. Interim 4G technologies such as ____ have been deployed since 2009
  23. You need your own domain name if ____
    you have your own Web site
  24. The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, C points to a(n) ____ server.
  25. BitTorrent can be used to distribute ____
    all of the above
  26. In the accompanying figure, the type of signal represented by A is a(n) ___
    digital signal
  27. Some ISDN providers offer a service called ____, which remains connected to an ISP as long as the computer and terminal adapter are on.
  28. Satellite Internet service and TV service requires ____
    a satellite dish and a modem
  29. Sharing files on a LAN or the Internet requires open
  30. Most Internet servers have an easy to remember name that is known as a(n)
  31. A communications ____ is described as a virtual device because it is not a physical circuit or mechanism
  32. Network service providers include ____.
    all of the above
  33. Data transport rates depend on the technology of the cellular system. The generation of cellular technology associated with analog voice service is ____
  34. DSL uses ____ to transmit data.
    phone lines
  35. The Internet began with a project called ___
  36. The rate of data arriving at your computer is
    downstream speed
  37.  is a file sharing protocol that distributes the role of the file server across a collection of dispersed computers. 
  38. Prefixes such as http://, www, and ftp: correspond to _
  39. A fixed Internet connection that uses a voiceband modem and telephone lines is a(n) ____ connection
  40. The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ of the transfer is indicated by box C
  41. VoIP software is sometimes referred to as a(n) ____ client
  42.  is a valid top-level domain
  43. In the accompanying figure, C points to ___
    the Internet backbone
  44. The rate of data that is transmitted from your computer to the Internet is ____
    upstream speed
  45.  Every domain name corresponds to a unique IP address that has been entered into the
    domain name system
  46. wireless Internet service is designed to offer Internet access to homes and businesses by broadcasting data signals over areas large enough to cover most cities and outlying areas
  47. A communication protocol that provides Internet access from handheld devices is
  48. The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the Internet; the router marked A should belong to a(n)
  49. For instant messaging, ____ are the people in a participant's list who are currently online
  50. The ____ protocol allows the transfer of files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network
  51. There are estimated to be more than ____ users of the Internet
    2 billion
  52. The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the Internet; the router marked B should belong to a(n)
  53. The speed for satellite Internet service is
    faster downstream than upstream
  54. A ____ is a device that connects a computer to a telephone line and converts computer data signals into signals compatible with DSL
    DSL modem
  55. VoIP systems are offered by companies such as
    all of the above
  56. You can install personal VPN software such as ___
    all of the above
  57. Portable Internet access includes all of the following EXCEPT
  58. Examples of 3G technologies include_
      all of the above
  59. The ability to easily move your Internet service from one location to another is considered ____ Internet service
  60. An ISP may provide ____ services
    all of the above
  61. Domain names are assigned by
  62. One important security precaution is to install a(n)
  63. You can use a service called ____ to reformat Web pages to fit on a small screen
  64. The use of automated software to locate computers that are vulnerable to unauthorized access is a port _
  65. Cable Internet service needs ____
    circuitry to handle Ethernet protocols and a cable modem
  66.  are intended to work within LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another
  67.  In a classic Webmail configuration, messages are sent immediately and thus a(n) ____ is not needed
  68. HTTP is classified as a ____ protocol because it maintains no record of previous interactions and handles each request based entirely on information that comes with it
  69. An HTTP exchange takes place over a pair of _
  70. Which of the following is a Web resource?
    any of the above
  71. Which of the following may pose a threat to your computer’s security and/or your privacy?
    all of the above
  72. When a Web page author includes meta keywords, like “sex,” that have little to do with the information on the page, the author is engaging in __
    keyword stuffing
  73. A tradeoff to the anonymity offered by anonymous ____ is that they tend not to operate at the same speed as your regular browser
  74. In the URL found in the accompanying figure, showbiz is a ____.
    folder name
  75. Keyword ____ is an unethical practice in which meta keywords are manipulated to gain high relevancy rankings
  76. Examples of Uniform Resource Identifiers include _
    all of the above
  77. A(n) ____ is client software that displays Web page elements and handles links between pages
  78. Which of the following technologies are used to create a secure connection between a client computer and a Web site?
    all of the above
  79. Both SSL and its successor, ____, are protocols that encrypt data traveling between a client computer and an HTTP server
  80. Server-side scripts can be written using _
    all of the above
  81. In an e-mail message, such as the one found in the accompanying figure, the recipient’s e-mail address and the message subject are found in the ____ 
    message header
  82. HTML ____ are typically used to collect shipping and payment information during checkout at an e-commerce Web site
  83. In addition to using search engines, you can also find Web-based information using a(n) ____ engine that searches a series of other search engines and compiles the search results
  84. A(n) ____ is a type of utility software that captures unsolicited e-mails before they reach your inbox
    spam filter
  85. Flash ____ can collect and store personal data, such as a user’s name or the user’s progress in a game
  86. In the URL found in the accompanying figure, .htm is the ____.
    file extension
  87. ____ is the most frequently used HTTP method.
  88. A podcast is an audio file that is distributed through downloads or the use of a(n)
  89. In the URL found in the accompanying figure, http is the ____
    Web protocol standard
  90. A(n) ____ certificate is an electronic attachment to a file that verifies the identity of its source
  91. In the URL found in the accompanying figure, www.cnn.com is the
    Web server name
  92. Some search engines use a program called a Web ____ that combs the Web to gather data that is representative of the contents of Web pages
  93. Many ____ sites act as relay stations to forward your searches to search engines without leaving a trail back to a cookie or IP address
  94.  allow a Web site to store information on the client computer for later retrieval.
  95. A ____ enables a Web server to keep track of your activity and compile a list of your purchases.
  96. ____ is a protocol that works in conjunction with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop
  97. An e-mail scam designed to persuade you into revealing confidential information by replying to an e-mail is called
  98.  software is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs, ad-serving cookies, and other types of malware
  99. Junk e-mail messages may use ____ to monitor the number of people who view the e-mail.  That data is collected and sometimes used to determine the direction of marketing campaigns
    Web bugs
  100. Webmail allows you to use a(n) ____ to access and view your e-mail messages
  101. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
    Web pages that provide a secure connection start with httpx: instead of http
  102. A(n) ____ is a compiled computer program that can be referenced from within an HTML document, downloaded, installed on your computer, and executed within the browser window
    ActiveX control
  103. The ____ wildcard character allows a search engine to find pages with any derivation of a basic word
  104.  When you use a search engine, it stores all of the following information about your query EXCEPT ____
    your name
  105. Incoming mail can be stored on a ____ server until it is downloaded to the inbox on your hard disk
  106. PayPal is an example of a(n) ____ payment system
    P2P (person-to-person)
  107. For HTTP, ____ usually are associated with port 80 on the client and server.
  108. When using an application like the one shown in the accompanying figure, you can access a Web page by clicking a(n) ____ or by typing a URL
  109. When working with ____ mail, make sure your antivirus software is checking incoming messages
  110. Applications written in the Java programming language are called Java
  111. A(n) ____ adds HTML tags to a document, spreadsheet, or other text-based file to create an HTML document that can be displayed by a browser.
    HTML conversion utility
  112. A(n) ____ helps you find information by searching the Web for pages that meet your query specifications
    search engine
  113. A(n) ____ is a series of instructions that is embedded directly into an HTML document that instruct the browser to carry out specific actions or to respond to specific user actions
    HTML script
  114. _ provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page text, graphics, and links.
    Web authoring software
  115. e-commerce occurs when businesses sell to governments
  116. A ____ is a collaborative Web site that can be accessed and edited by anyone who wants to contribute to it
  117. schemes redirect users to fake sites by poisoning a domain name server with a fake IP address
  118. Search engine ____ software is designed to pull keywords from a Web page and store them in a database
  119. A search engine’s ____ looks for your search terms in the search engine’s indexed database and returns a list of relevant Web sites
    query processor
  120. To avoid becoming a spam victim, you should ___
    use a disposable e-mail address when you register for online sites
  121. Before sending a large attachment in an e-mail, you can use a(n) ____ to shrink it
    compression program
  122. A(n) ____ is a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser
    Web site
  123. __ has supplanted Netscape as the dominant browser for the PC platform
    Internet Explorer
  124. To use local e-mail you must install e-mail ____ software on your computer
  125. A Web server’s response to a browser’s request includes an HTTP ____ that indicates whether the browser’s request could be fulfilled
    status code
  126. Often, Web page authors include a(n) ____ keyword in a header section of a Web page when it is created to describe the page contents
  127. When you purchase a used digital camera directly from the owner on an online auction, you are participating in ____ e-commerce
  128. _ e-commerce involves one enterprise buying goods or services from another enterprise
  129. When your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a Web page, it stores them in temporary files on your hard drive called a Web
  130. When you view a page infested with a(n) ____, an HTTP set-cookie request automatically goes to a third-party server, which may set a cookie on your computer for later retrieval or record your IP address.
    Web bug
  131. An e-mail message in ____ format can include graphics in addition to a wide variety of fonts and font colors.
  132. You just sent an e-mail message to your co-worker that includes the following message body:MARY-CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU WILL HAVE THE REPORTS COMPLETED?Why might your coworker be offended by the message?
    In terms of netiquette, you were shouting.
  133. When you purchase a textbook online from a site like www.amazon.com, you are participating in ____ e-commerce.
  134. Data ____ refers to the process of analyzing information in databases to discover previously unknown and potentially useful information
  135. Which of the following is NOT a Boolean operator
  136. You can query by ____ using a fill-in form, like the one shown in the accompanying figure
  137. With a(n) ____ database, the database is stored on several different computers, on multiple networks, or in different geographical locations
  138. The goal of normalization is to minimize data ____
  139. A field ____ is a template that adds the correct formatting as data is entered
  140. A field ____ rule is a specification that the database designer sets up to filter the data entered into a particular field.
  141. To provide a quality database interface, a designer might
    arrange fields in a logical order
  142. The ____ Web publishing process generates customized Web pages as needed.
  143. A ____ validates an entry by searching for the same data in a file or database table
    lookup routine
  144. Which of the following SQL operators can be used to omit records from a search by specifying a not-equal relationship?
  145. The accompanying figure shows a(n) ____ document.
  146. In SQL terminology, creating a relationship between tables is referred to as ____ tables
  147.  allows decision makers to look for relationships between multiple data dimensions
  148. In an object database, an attribute is
    equivalent to a field in a relational database
  149. A ____ update changes data in more than one record at a time.
  150. Which of the following SQL operators designates records that meet either one of a set of two criteria or both? 
  151. __ refers to a branch of data mining that focuses on predicting future probabilities and trends
    Predictive analytics
  152. The ____ operator specifies that both of the search criteria must be true for the record to be selected
  153. Databases are NOT vulnerable to ____
  154. Which of the following does NOT have the potential to add doubt about the veracity of database data?
    access controls
  155. Relationships between record types can be graphically depicted using a(n)
  156. The ____ database model uses a mesh-like structure, which allows for the definition of many-to-many relationships
  157. Database ____ software is designed to manage billions of records and several hundred transactions per second
  158.  A technique called ____ Web publishing is a simple way to display the data in a database by converting a database report into an HTML document, which can be displayed as a Web page by a browser. 
  159. Which of the following is NOT a guideline for creating a template for reports?
    Present as much information as possible
  160. are detailed specifications for an SQL command.
  161. If a single data management tool can be used to maintain many different files and databases, it must support data
  162. What SQL command removes a record from a table?
  163. The data accessed by data mining and other analysis techniques is often stored in a data
  164. What is the SQL command used to introduce a brand-new database or table?
  165. ____ is a markup language that allows field tags, data, and tables to be incorporated into a Web document.
  166.  refers to the number of associations that can exist between two record types
  167. The ____ data type is used to store true/false or yes/no data using minimal storage space
  168. A table's ____ order is the order in which records are stored on disk
  169. ___ is a query language.
  170. Which of the following is NOT true of XML?
    XML documents are optimized for many operations you customarily associate with databases such as fast sorts and updates.
  171. A CGI script can be written in all of the following EXCEPT
  172. Criminals have become sophisticated in the use of all of the following EXCEPT ____ to access data stored on personal computers
  173. In the world of databases, a(n) ____ refers to a collection of data fields.
  174. A(n) ____ allows you to create, update, and administer a relational database.
  175. A database ____ contains a list of keys, and each key provides a pointer to the record that contains the rest of the fields related to that key
  176. ____ can block unauthorized users and limit activities of authorized users.
    Access controls
  177. Dynamic Web publishing relies on a program or script, referred to as a(n) ____ program, that acts as an intermediary between your browser and a DBMS.
  178.  A record ____ contains data about a particular entity.
  179. Surveys show that as many as ____ of businesses never change the standard administrator password for a DBMS
  180. Which of the following can be used to delineate the data entry area in a user interface?
    all of the above
  181. A ____ establishes which fields and records a particular user may access
    data view
  182. A ____ data type usually provides a variable-length field into which users can enter comments.
  183. A(n) ____ is an association between data that is stored in different record types
  184. A(n) ____ file uses a uniform format to store data for each person or thing in the file
  185. What would be an appropriate data type to choose for a fixed-length field designed to hold a person’s name?
    text data type
  186. A ____ contains the outline or general specifications for a report, including such elements as the report title, fields to include, fields to subtotal/total, and report format specifications
    report template
  187. The two tables shown in the accompanying figure are ____ by the CustomerNumber field.
  188. A fixed-length field contains a predetermined number of ____
  189. In the broadest definition, a(n) ____ is a collection of information.
  190. Data ____ means that data are separate from the programs used to manipulate the data
  191. A database audit can ____
    all of the above
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