Alec's vocab unit 13

  1. ad infinitum
    (adv) endlessly
  2. apportion
    (v) to divide and give out in shares, distribute
  3. bona fide
    (adj) genuine, sincere, authentic
  4. buoyant
    (adj) able to float easily; able to hold things up; cheerful or hopeful
  5. clique
    (n) a small, exclusive group of people
  6. concede
    (v) to admit as true; to yield, submit, to allow
  7. congenial
    (adj) getting along with others, agreeable, pleasant
  8. lofty
    (adj) very high, noble, elevated
  9. migration
    (n) a movement from one contry or region to another
  10. perceive
    (v) to observe or notice; to grasp mentally
  11. perverse
    (adj) inclined to go against what is expected, stubborn, contrary
  12. prelude
    (n) an introduction
  13. rancid
    (adj) stale, spoiled, foul, rotten
  14. rustic
    (adj) country-like; plain, unsophisticated
  15. sever
    (v) to seperate, divide into parts, cut off
  16. sordid
    (adj) wretchedly poor; run-down, mean or selfish
  17. untenable
    (adj) not capable of being held or defended; indefensible
  18. versatile
    (adj) able to do many things well, capable of many uses
  19. vindicate
    (v) to clear from charges of wrongdoing; to defend
  20. wane
    (v) to lose size, strength, or power
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