Chapter 14

  1. SIX signs of infection

    • pain
    • swelling
    • redness
    • local fever
    • throbbing
    • pus
  2. Onychomycosis (Tinea Unguium)
    • Ringworm
    • E: fungus

    thick black, brown, beige, or white in color, with yellow streaking, deformed shape, possible nail loss.

    DR REFERRAL/no services
  3. Tinea Manus
    • Hand Ringworm
    • E:fungus

    blisters, flakes, ring of pink, very itchy and dry, red in color, very contagious and can spread to nails, feet, etc.

    DR REFERRAL/no services
  4. Tinea Pedis
    • Athlete's Foot/Foot Ringworm
    • E:fungus

    itchy, red blisters, can be single spot, or clusters between the toes
  5. Paronychia (Felon)
    • Inflammation of skin surrounding the nail
    • E:bacterial infection

    signs of infection, healing time of 4 weeks, causes include hangnails, prolonged exposure to water, hair splinters

    DR REF/no services
  6. Onychoptosis
    • shedding of the nails
    • E:disease/injury

    highly sensitive nail bed, if the disease causing the problem is cured, the nail will regrow; may occur on only one or two nails; nail bed should be protected while the nail grows.

    DR REF/no services
  7. Onychia
    • Inflammation of the nail matrix
    • E:bacterial infection, disease related

    signs of infection, depending on severity, nail may not grow back

    DR REF/no services
  8. Onychatrophia
    • Wasting away of the nail
    • E:injury/systemic

    nail atrophy, caused by cancer, nail shrinks and may separate from nail bed; if illness-related, may not improve if matrix is damaged; the nail may improve in 3 to 6 months.

    DR REF/no services
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