Development of Modernist Art (part 9)

  1. Image Upload 1
    • Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow
    • Artist: Mondrian
    • Era: De Stlil
    • Techniques:
    • altering grid patterns, sizes, and placement of color planes
    • creating an internal cohesion and harmony
    • dynamic tension between the size and position of lines, shapes, and colors
    • seems like the lines change in size but tis an optical illusion
  2. Image Upload 2
    • Composition in Blue, Yellow, and Black
    • Artist: Mondrian
    • Era: De Stlil
    • Techniques:
    • no direct relationship to reality
    • changes postion - changes compositional balance: clam internal order
    • line holds attention just as much as blank space does
  3. Image Upload 3
    • Schroder House
    • Artist: Rietveld
    • Era: De Stlil
    • Techniques:
    • main living rooms on second floor with bedrooms on bottom
    • connecting to landscape
    • open space
    • sliding partitions on 2nd floor
    • space needs to be thrown open and moveable
    • walls can slide across the florr
    • rooflines, and balconies look like they're sliding
    • cubic units breakup before our eyes
    • beams of color - inspired by Mondrian
    • big windows - connected to nature
  4. Image Upload 4
    • From the Radio Tower Berlin
    • Artist: Moholy-Nagy
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • angle from the top looking straight down
    • vertical, aerial view point
    • abrupt shift from eye level to reveal new patterns of reality
    • unexpected formal associations
    • change one's view of the world
    • looking at shapes and lines not meant to see objects or recognize things
  5. Image Upload 5
    • Homage to the Square: "Ascending"
    • Artist: Albers
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • start with yellow
    • part of a series
    • concentric squares
    • art orignates the discrepency between physical fact and psyhic effect
    • relativeity and instability of color perception
    • vaires hue, value and shade from piece to piece
    • depedning on colors squres look like different sizes
  6. Image Upload 6
    • Shop Block, The Bauhaus
    • Artist: Gropius
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • one wing of the building is 3 stories
    • wings with appartment buildings - almost entire university
    • two sotry bridge of administrative offices
    • original one torn down by Nazis
    • flocused on skeleton of reinforced concrete- supports are set back from outside planes - allows them to cover building in glass
    • returning to design simplicity
    • interiors are economy of space
    • interaction bewteen students and teachers
    • Classical purity
    • equilibrium between inner and outer space
  7. Image Upload 7
    • Tubular Chair
    • Artist: Breuer
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • easily mass produced
    • reductive, uses a spare amount of fabric
    • geometric aesthetic
    • space between cloth allows inner and outer space to mix
  8. Image Upload 8
    • Gobelin Tapestry
    • Artist: Stolzl¬†
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • more lively, intricate, and colorful
    • geometric patterns
    • not as strict verticals and horizontals
  9. Image Upload 9
    • Model for a Glass Skyscraper
    • Artist: Mies Van Der Rohe
    • Era: The Bauhaus
    • Techniques:
    • glass provides new freedom
    • play of reflections not typical shadows
    • curved lines seem arbitrary
    • sufficent illumination of interior, massing of building viewed from street, play of reflections
    • three irregular shaped towers
    • central court has lobby and community center, porters room
    • practicality of purpose
    • 2 cylindrical entrances ride at each end of the court, contain elevators, stairways and bathrooms
    • everything is trasparent
    • horizontal pattern and rhythm emphasized by glass
    • cantilevered floor plains
    • thin, vertical supports holding up each floor
    • creates a web-like delicacy of line through the glass and radiance of the light hitting the windows
  10. Image Upload 10
    • Villa Savoye
    • Artist: Le Corbusier
    • Era: International Style
    • Techniques:
    • country house dominates the landscape
    • has more light
    • cube of slightly inclosed and deeply penetrated spcae
    • three car garaged, bedrooms, bathroom, utility rooms
    • 2nd floor is main space
    • combining interior and exterior space
    • also a roof garden
    • entire base supported by thin columns
    • ground floor is recessed back
    • very open on bottom- long continuous stirp of windows
    • slender ribbons of windows* allows lightness of building
    • 2nd floor has windscreen that sticks out on top
    • dark green base, cream walls and a rose and blue wind screen
  11. Image Upload 11
    • Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building
    • Artist: Howe
    • Era: International Style
    • Techniques:
    • horizontal banding¬†emphasized by ribbon windows
    • clean geometric planes
    • function divided cubic volumes of space
    • expression of urban corporate business, isolated in personal space
  12. Image Upload 12
    • Chrysler Building
    • Artist: Van Alen
    • Era: Art Deco
    • Techniques:
    • 1048ft tall
    • steel
    • monument to the 20s when they would build the tallest skyscrapers in biggest cities
    • diminisheing fan shapes glitter in the sky
    • resembles and oriental crown
    • honor the business achievements of Chrysler and crown it as king
  13. Image Upload 13
    • Robie House
    • Artist: Wright
    • Era: Organic Architecture
    • Techniques:
    • prairie style architecture because of ground hugging lines that resmeble expansive land
    • facade disappears under large roof over hangs
    • articulates space in large open areas
    • everything is grouped around central fireplace*
    • fireplace opens to 2 rooms
    • enclosed pattios - strip windows that allow light and views of outside
    • sharp angular placement of interior walls
    • alludes to cubist exterior with intersecting planes
    • not as much movement
  14. Image Upload 14
    • Kaufmann House
    • Artist: Wright
    • Era: Organic Architecture
    • Techniques:
    • weekend retreat home
    • built over waterfall
    • blocky masses extend out in different directions
    • contrasts texutres
    • full length strip winodws interweave interior and exterior space
    • emphasis on space
    • utilizes shape of land*
    • large patios - closer to nature=better person
    • uses stone river rocks from area
    • glass floors to look at waterfall beneath
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