Development of Modernist Art (part 8)

  1. Image Upload 2
    • Melancholy and Mystery of a Street
    • Artist: De Chirico
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • squares and palaces of Renaissance Italy because they evoke disquieting sense of uncertainty
    • suggest images that transend physical existence
    • most things should be reckognizable
    • ominous shadow of a man
    • strangeness of familiar scenes
    • underneath this reality there is another one
    • deep shadows and angles create antcipation
    • every angle merges towards her
  2. Image Upload 4
    • The Soothsayer's Recompense
    • Artist: De Chirico
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • Carravagesque lighting in spooky way
    • scupltureal muse in awkward pose
    • harsh angled light and shadow
    • disquieting space and time shattered by train in background
    • frozen time emphasized by the clock
    • sculpture or real woman?
    • stark, quiet piazza
    • tilted perspective
    • broken arcade emphasize emptiness of piazza
  3. Image Upload 6
    • Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale
    • Artist: Ernst
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • 3-dimensional work
    • renaissance idea of painting should be a window looking into a scene
    • collage mixed media piece with three sketched figures of dream world
    • 3d mini gate
    • odd button like knob, violate frames space
    • more dislocation in traditional museum label
    • nightingales are supposed to be beautiful singing birds but challenges that image
    • dislocation of subject matter
    • words contradict the scene
  4. Image Upload 8
    • Un Chien Andalou
    • Artists: Dali and Bunuel
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • film- 2 dead mules in baby grand pianos
    • 2 men at opposite ends of piano
    • viewer is displaced from one dream-like moment to the next
    • evokes attraction and repulsion at same time
    • women in background with shovel
    • trying to interpret Freud
    • slicing eyeball - eye of cow
  5. Image Upload 10
    • The Persistence of Memory
    • Artist: Dali
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • haunting allegory of empty space where time has ended
    • never setting sun in an amorphous landscape
    • ants and fly alludes to decaying organic life
    • clocks are melted or soft and sticky
    • things decay over time
    • alter shape, perspective
    • time is about memories, as time passes memories change
    • similar to Bosch
    • sharp, crisply outlined objects
    • bright colors and out of place objects
    • dead carcass in desert but is actual a face - Dali's self portrait
  6. Image Upload 12
    • Invention of the Monsters
    • Artist: Dali
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • erotically charged painting
    • terror, viloence and sexuality
    • flaming giraffes - falloc symbols
    • bathing women look like giant elephants
    • allusion to Galattea and Pigmaleon
    • bisexual dynamic because they have 2 faces, one male and one female
    • table  with objects that allusions to creation
    • metamorphasis of narcissus on table flower
  7. Image Upload 14
    • The Treachery of Images
    • Artist: Magritte
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • danger of relying on rationality
    • meticulously renders a trompe l'oiel
  8. Image Upload 16
    • The Human Condition
    • Artist: Magritte
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • landscape painting in front of ladscape
    • realize that assumption is wrong
    • assuming that view outside reality is wrong
    • repeatring cycle of human condition
    • one is real and one is representation
  9. Image Upload 18
    • Time Transfixed
    • Artist: Magritte
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • surprising juxtaposition and scale shift
    • train emergine from fireplace vent that looks like a tunnel
    • mirror shows that room is empty
    • smoke of train suggests smoke from fireplace
    • frozen clock
    • no candles in candlestick holders
  10. Image Upload 20
    • Man with a Newspaper
    • Artist: Magritte
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • a subverted comic strip based on illustration
    • slight changes of perspective
    • subtle undermining of the everyday
    • alludes to a film still
  11. Image Upload 22
    • Object
    • Artist: Oppenheim
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • fur covered cup, saucer and spoon
    • concrete tangibility that made surrealist art more disquieting
    • incongruity, humor, visual appeal, and eroticism
    • animated by juxtaposition of fur
    • allusion to alchemy with transformation
    • seductive, soft tactile concave form that needs to be inserted by a spoon to stir the liquid
  12. Image Upload 24
    • The Two Fridas
    • Artist: Kahlo
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • same image of herself side by side with two hearts linked by a single artery
    • holding portrait of Diego Rivera, her husband
    • she was communist
    • defining Mexican national identity
    • strong unibrow to give her power
    • blood dripping alludes to miscarriage
  13. Image Upload 26
    • Painting
    • Artist: Miro
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • scattered collage composition
    • assembled fragments cut from a catalog on machines
    • fragments became free, open shapes
    • shapes are motifs that are freely reshaped into black silhouettes
    • dramatic accents of white and red
    • suggests a host of amebic organisms or constelations in outer space
    • space is filled with soft reds, blues, and greens
    • spontaneous and intuitive expressions of the subconcious
  14. Image Upload 28
    • Twittering Machine
    • Artist: Klee
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • there would be a day when we wouldn't need birds anymore
    • birds and nature are combined
    • birds consisting of wires attached to a crank - nature will soon be mechanized
    • child-like in the line drawings
    • power of the message enhanced by small size
  15. Image Upload 30
    • The Falling Angel
    • Artist: Chagall
    • Era: Surrealism
    • Techniques:
    • crucifixion in right hand corner - duality of Judaism and Christianity - promoting tolerance
    • being Jewish in a Russian town
    • flaming angel that plummets across a moonlit sky
    • within one of its wings is a mother and child that is a vision floating over the sleeping village
    • peasant holds Toros scroll and is protecting it
    • mysteriously floating violin next to a cow
    • lighted candle represents sacred light
    • alludes to terrors of war
    • resignation and hope
    • moving into WWII
    • suffering of all ordinary peopl
    • faith is important for salvation in a world of suffering
  16. Image Upload 32
    • Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying
    • Artist: Malevich
    • Era: Suprematism and Constructionism
    • Techniques:
    • basic form of non-objective art - the square
    • used in conjunction with straight lines and rectangles
    • floating against and within the white space
    • creating very dynamic relationship
    • purity
    • everyone can respond to the art subconsciously
  17. Image Upload 34
    • Column
    • Artist: Naum Gabo
    • Era: Suprematism and Constructionism
    • Techniques:
    • depth of the sculpture is visible because he opens the columns circular mass so that the viewer can experience the space it occupies
    • two transparent planes that extend through its diameter perpendicular to each other
    • opaque colored planes
    • establishes a sense of dynamic, kinetic movement
  18. Image Upload 36
    • Monument to the Third International
    • Artist: Tatlin
    • Era: Suprematism and Constructionism
    • Techniques:
    • only a model
    • to honor the revolution
    • intended to be twice the height of the empire state building
    • propaganda for Soviets
    • three geometrically shaped chambers
    • each rotate at a different speed
    • at the bottom would've been a huge glass cylinder - house lectures and meetings and revolve once a year
    • cone shaped structure - house administrative functions and it would rotate once a month
    • cubic shaped info center that would revolve daily - issue news bulletins and proclamations - open air new screen
    • project words onto clouds on overcast days
    • no hidden skeletal structure
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