Pliny the Younger

  1. Cum grano salis
    With a grain of salt
  2. Fortes fortune juvat
    Fortune helps the brave
  3. Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verenture
    Many fear rumor, few fear conscience
  4. Multum legendum esse non multa
    Read much, not many (things or books)
  5. Nullus est liber tam malus et non aliqua parte prosit
    There is no book so bad that it is not profitable in some parts
  6. Pejor ofio amoris simulatio
    Pretence of love is worse than hatred
  7. Vereor ne neglentius vivam
    I fear that I shall live too carelessly
  8. Tongissimus dies cito caditur
    Even the longest day passes quickly
  9. Virtus sine ratione constore non potest
    Virtue cannot stand firm without logic
  10. Historia quoquo modo scripta delectat
    History brings delight no matter how it is written
  11. Silentio it tenebus animus alitur
    The mind is nourished by silence and darkness
  12. Tamen poetis mentiri licet
    It is permitted for poets to tell lies
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Pliny the Younger