Sped Assessment

  1. Name 4 types of performance based assessments
    • rubrics
    • portfolios
    • CBMS
    • running records
    • IRIs
    • checklists
  2. What is an IRI?
    • Informal Reading Inventory
    • performanced based assessment
  3. What do achievement tests measure?
    mastery of skills in a specific area
  4. Give 2 examples of achievement tests.
    • WJR-III Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement
    • Stanford Achievement Test 10th Ed.

    CAT-5 California Achievement Test
  5. What do aptitude tests measure?
    • a person's collective knowledge
    • job skills
    • interest inventories

    • These are used to determine one's readiness for learning
    • by measuring previously learned knowledge to predict future performance

    Examples: verbal, numerical, mechanical
  6. Give an example of an aptitude test.
    career test
  7. What is ability testing?
    • using standardized tests
    • measures a specific area
    • often intelligence is measured

    • Examples:
    • cognitive, pyschomotor, physical functioning
  8. Give 2 examples of ability testing.
    • GATE Gifted kids
    • Wechsler WISC,
    • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales SB5
    • Test of Higher Cognitive Processes
    • Otis-Lennon OLSAT-8 (measures abstract and reasoning prek-18)
  9. What is a competency test?
    • how well you know a subject
    • example:, social studies, math, science or English
  10. Give 1 example of a competency test.
    state testing like MSP, HSCP
  11. What is a criterion-referenced test?
    does NOT compare a kid to another kid

    • looks to see if skills are mastered or not
    • *Tied to benchmark standards achieved or not.
  12. Give to 2 examples of criterion-referenced tests.
    • Brigance: Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills (criterion too)
    • SDRT4 Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test 4th Ed. (criterion too)
    • *State Assessments tied to standards or benchmarks
  13. What does a diagnostic test measure?
    • identifies areas of weakness and strengths
    • determines nature of weakness
    • measure specific skills
  14. Give 2 examples of diagnostic tests.
    SDRT4 Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test 4th Ed. (criterion too)
  15. What 2 things do intelligence tests measure?
    • aptitude
    • intellect
  16. List 3 intelligence tests.
    • WISC-III-R aka Wechsler
    • Stanford-Binet
    • TONI aka Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence
  17. What do norm-referenced test measure?
    • standardized test
    • compare same aged kids to same aged kids
  18. Name 2 norm-referenced tests.
    • WJR -III and Woodcock Reading
    • Stanford Achievement and Diagnostic
    • CAT-5 California Achievement Test
    • Gate MacGointie Reading Test
    • Terra Nova Reading
    • ITBS Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  19. What is a standardized test?
    • a normed-referenced test
    • uniformly developed, administered, and scored
    • *can also be criterion referenced, or achievement, or ability test
  20. Give 2 examples of standardized tests.
    • WJR-III
    • CAT-5
    • Stanford
    • TERA-2
  21. What is a battery?
    • a group of subtests
    • they are most commonly on achievement tests
  22. What is a composite score?
    • combines 2 or more subtest scores to give an average score, aka composite score
    • WCJ does this for broad reading, writing and math.
  23. What does the standard score measure?
    • based on the bell curve averages
    • it is used on standardized tests
  24. What are 2 reasons standard scores useful to educators?
    • it allows us to compare a student over time
    • it allows us to compare students to students
  25. What is a stanine?
    • it groups standard scores between 1 and 9
    • 1 is lowest
    • 9 is highest
    • 5 is the mean/average with a standard deviation of 2
  26. What is a standard deviation?
    SD - standard deviation

    • in normal distribution...68% of scores fall
    • 1 SD above the mean
    • 1 SD below the mean
  27. What is a T-score?
    • its a standard score
    • with a mean of 50
    • and SD of 10

    A T-score of 60 is a score that is 1 standard deviation above the mean.
  28. What is the IQ range for mild MR?
    50/55 to 70
  29. What is the IQ range for moderate MR?
    35/45 to 50/55
  30. What is the IQ range for severe MR?
    20/25 to 35/40
  31. What is the IQ range for profoundly MR?
    below 20/25
  32. What does EMR mean and what is the range?
    Educatable MR
  33. What are 3 things needed to make an accurate diagnosis of MR?
    • IQ of 70 or below
    • deficits in adaptive behavior
    • origins of the disability prior to age 18 years.
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