Development of Modernist Art (part 6)

  1. Image Upload 1
    • Three Musicians
    • Artist: Picasso
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • positive lively colors
    • pariot clown on clarinet
    • harlequin clown on guitar
    • mysterious masked monk on vocals
    • interlocking shapes and flatness
    • allusion to Synthetic Cubism
    • shapes and colors define personality of figures
    • all combined figures by dog in background
    • dog helps create rhythm - creates liveliness
  2. Image Upload 2
    • Fruit Dish and Cards
    • Artist: Braque
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • mixing table with objects
    • still life of fruits and cards on table
    • darkground is top of table
    • wood grain is underside of table
    • allusion to bowl with rounded section
    • cards are used because they are flat
    • fruit is flat
  3. Image Upload 3
    • Maquette for Guitar
    • Artist: Picasso
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • maquette means model - didn't finish it, supposed to be metal
    • took the form of the guitar and explores the volume through flat planes
    • creates a cut away of the guitar - interior and exterior at same time
    • front on left, back on right and side next to neck
    • strings but inside of handle
  4. Image Upload 4
    • Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe, and Glass
    • Artist: Braque
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • real newspaper cut outs added on
    • false wood paper
    • five piece of paper overlap in center to create a layering of flat planes that both echo space that the line suggest and emphasizing the flat surface area of a table with objects lying on it
    • all the shapes seem to change perspective
    • shading seems to carve space into flat planes and seems to create transparency in others
    • complex visual interplay
    • pipe is a cutout of newspaper with charcoal shading
  5. Image Upload 5
    • Bather
    • Artist: Lipchitz
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • cubic volume and planes
    • spiraling movement
    • looking at different angles pieced together in same space
    • Classical sculpture with modern energy because all the shapes slip and slide
  6. Image Upload 6
    • Woman Combing Her Hair
    • Artist: Archipenko
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • small sculpture
    • void in place of head that is shape of head outlined by hair
    • right arm over head
    • left arm is abstracted
    • mass and void of breasts
    • protruding belly
    • emphasizing space and mass
    • space penetrates the continuous mass and is defining form equal to mass*
  7. Image Upload 7
    • Woman Combing Her Hair
    • Artist: Gonzalez
    • Era: Cubism
    • Techniques:
    • bars sheets and rods welded together
    • reducing the figure to an interplay of lines and curves
  8. Image Upload 8
    • The City
    • Artist: Leger
    • Era: Purism
    • Techniques:
    • harsh flashing electric lights, noise of trraffic, robotic movements, mechanized people
    • massive effects of modern posters and billboard advertisements
    • uses letters from Cubism
    • still flat like Cubism
    • mechanical commotion of the city
    • solid blocks of colors
    • harsh outlines
    • allusions to bridges and steel structures
    • purity of form
  9. Image Upload 9
    • Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
    • Artist: Balla
    • Era: Futurism
    • Techniques:
    • Cubism's use of disecting form
    • only looking down at ground
    • achieved effect of motion by repetition of shape*
    • like with a camera if something is moving the image is blurred
    • seeing everytime the foot is in a different position all at once
    • condensing of time and space
    • floor accentuated by lines showing movement in space
  10. Image Upload 10
    • Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
    • Artist: Boccioni
    • Era: Futurism
    • Techniques:
    • bronze sculpture
    • striding human figure
    • expanded, interrupted, broken planes and contours
    • figure disappears behind blur of movement
    • bronze creates a fluidity like mercury
    • movement accentuated by large calves kind of
    • torso looks like chest armor with huge shoulder pads to define the movement of the arms
    • influence by Japanese samurai armor
    • Cubist shapes that represents the exaggerated muscles
  11. Image Upload 11
    • Armored Train
    • Artist: Severini
    • Era: Futurism
    • Techniques:
    • high tech armored train with all its rivets glissening in the sun with a canon on top
    • looking down on train
    • beauty of speed and machinery
    • military officers reduced to triangular shapes
    • speeding through what remains of nature
    • aiming guns at unseen target
    • clean Earth of its past
    • colors are light and bright
    • omits sad colors of war
    • dynamism and motion
    • broken down into facents and planes
  12. Image Upload 12
    • Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance
    • Artist: Arp
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • torn paper pasted on paper
    • squares themselves have only control
    • regularity in making them into square shapes
    • contrasts control of squares with randomly dropping them - creates vitality
  13. Image Upload 13
    • Fountain
    • Artist: Duchamp
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • ready made, glazed, sanitary china with black paint - porcelain urinal placed on its back
    • signed R. Mutt and dated
    • witty sutonym for the Mott, plumbing company, and comic strip Mutt and Jeff
    • "artness is in the choice of the object"
  14. Image Upload 14
    • Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
    • Artist: Duchamp
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • tons of materials
    • serious and playful
    • desire and sexuality
    • 4 dimensional world
    • diptych
    • shapes and object float between to panels of glass
    • glass shattered - all part of chance
    • bride on top
    • bachelors are reduced to clothing
    • each uniform represents a different french profession
    • bride reduced to machine parts
    • machine created on bottom will help undress the bride
    • chocolate grinding machine in middle
    • machine helps the man "the bachelor grinds his own chocolate"
    • sexual frustration
    • she is more dominant - women can create
    • men can only create machines
    • woman instigates sexual desire
    • all her machine parts point down
    • a woman is a motor fueled by "love gasoline" that helps her blossom
    • 6 dots of chocolate almost made it to the women
  15. Image Upload 15
    • Bicycle Wheel
    • Artist: Duchamp
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • ready made
    • focus on motion because wheel can spin
    • attack on art and the viewer and the government
    • trying to force the viewer to think for himself
    • shapes in relationship to eachother
  16. Image Upload 16
    • Nude Descending a Staircase
    • Artist: Duchamp
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • "pahotlogical" and "a menace" -critics
    • single figure moving down a flight of stairs
    • alluding to motion pictures
    • film stills one right after the other layed ontop of eachother
    • figure is completely fragmented
    • Cubist monochromatic pallete
    • human in motion like Futurism
    • motion through repetition of shape
    • use of diagonal to create motion
    • uses value to show what comes forward and back
    • "explosion in a shingle factory" -critic
  17. Image Upload 17
    • Cadeau
    • Artist: Man Ray
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • replica of a 1921 original
    • 13 tacks with their heads glued on to the bottom on the flat iron
    • subverts the proper function of an iron into malicious humor
    • mocking art and plays on word
  18. Image Upload 18
    • Rayograph
    • Artist: Man Ray
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • lays common objects on photo sensitive paper exposes to light, turns off light, removes objects and turns on light again to get gray tones
    • ghostly images
    • anything that was white was the object
    • pearl bracelet and a lemon
    • supposed to look like flower, mushroom, leaf, and stem
  19. Image Upload 19
    • Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany
    • Artist: Hoch
    • Era: Dada
    • Techniques:
    • photo montage
    • accletic mixture in a seemingly haphazard
    • place favorite Dada artists next to Marx and Lenin
    • lettering spells out in German " the great dada world"
    • juxtaposes German military leaders heads with exotic dancers' bodies
    • her head is in there too
    • map of Europe shows the progress of women's enfrancisement
    • aware of the power of women and dadaism to destabilize society
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