CH23 Exam5

  1. Which Quadrant of the abdominal cavity is the spleen in?
    left upper quadrant
  2. Describe the spleen.
    • FCT
    • internally has red and white pulp
  3. What are the functions of the spleen?
    • filters blood
    • is a blood resivoir
    • filters damaged and dead RBC
    • removes pathogens
  4. Where is the thymus?
    in the mediastinum at the base of the heart
  5. How do T cells mature?
    immature T cells leave bone marrow and go to thymus
  6. What is the function of T cells?
    prevents autoimmune disease
  7. Does the thymus get bigger or smaller as you age?
  8. What are the lymphoid organs?
    • lymph nodes
    • thymus
    • spleen
  9. How are lymphoid organs separated from surrounding tissues?
    by a capsule
  10. What is lymphoid tissue?
    any tissue with a ton of lymphocytes
  11. Describe Diffuse lymphoid tissue.
    loosely packed lymphocytes within connective tissue
  12. Describe lymphoid nodules.
    densely packed lymphocytes within loose connective tissue
  13. What are examples of lymphoid nodules?
    • tonsils
    • peyer's patches
  14. When does ISF become lymph?
    when it enters the lymphatic tissue
  15. What is the function of lymph nodes?
    to filter out particulates in infection
  16. How many nodes are in the body?
  17. Where do Afferent vessels go?
    toward the lymph node
  18. Where do Efferent vessels go?
     leaves the lymph node
  19. Describe lymph nodes.
    • surrounded by FCT capsule
    • compartments with recticular fibers with WBC
    • the compartments are separated by trabeculae (FCT)
  20. Where do lymphatic vessels carry lymph?
    from peripheral tissues to the venous system
  21. What are lymphatic capillaries?
    form a complex network within peripheral tissues
  22. Describe the valves in lymphatic vessels.
    • simple squamous
    • prevent backflow of lymph
  23. What do superficial lymphatic vessels travel with?
    superficial veins
  24. Where are the superficial veins and lymphatic vessels?
    • subcutaneous layer of skin
    • LCT of mucous membranes and serous membranes
  25. What are deep lymphatic vessels?
    large lymphatic vessels that travel with deep arteries and veins
  26. Where do deep lymphatic vessels collect lymph from?
    • skeletal muscles
    • organs of neck, limbs, ad trunk
    • thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
  27. What are the functions of the Lymphoid system?
    • immunity
    • maintain normal blood and ISF volume
    • eliminate variations in chemical composition of ISF
    • absorb and transport lipids from digestive system
    • give a different route for transport for hormones, nutrients, and waste
  28. What is lymph?
    ISF with a lower concentration of proteins than plasma
  29. What is the main function of lymphocytes?
    immune response
  30. Where do lymphatic vessels originate?
    in peripheral tissues and deliver lymph to the venous system
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