My Plant Specifics

  1. Describe ABN protection.
    - If two sensors fail then the units will go into a controller shutdown

    - If the PLC is lost for more than 4 hours it will begin a  controlled shutdown of the units
  2. On a Monday at 06:21 ALH G1 trips to Lockout and the forebay is at 435.31m. What do you do?
    • 1. Call the lock keeper to initiate spill M-F 0600-1600
    • 2. Call Fortis to get them to dispatch electrician
    • 3. Call PSOSE
    • **If you cannot contact the lock keeper within 10 minutes must initiate RGO**
  3. Sunday morning at 07:28 ALH G2 trips to SNL and the forebay is at 432.5m. What do you do?
    • 1. Initiate RGO within 10 minutes lock keepers hours Saturday, Sunday and holidays are 0800-1600
    • 2. Call lock keeper to coordinate flows
    • 3. Remain at SNL until able to start (protection removes unit after 1 hour SNL)
    • 4. Start criteria met initiate autosynch
    • 5. Within 5 min of synch load unit
  4. Wednesday afternoon at 15:30 ALH G1 trips to lockout and the forebay is at 433.5m. What do you do?
    • 1. Call lock keeper to initiate spill M-F 0600-1600
    • 2. Call Fortis to get them to dispatch electrician
    • 3. Call PSOSE
    • **If you cannot contact the lock keeper within 10 minutes must initiate RGO**
  5. Thursday morning at 10:22 ALH G1 & G2 both trip to SNL and the forebay is at 434.2m. What do you do?
    • 1. Check if 2L290 has kicked out. If it has call grid to see how long it will be out.
    • 2. If it will be close to the 10 minute mark, then call lock keeper to intiate spill M-F 0600-1600
    • 3. Call PSOSE
    • 4. Once line back bring one unit at a time waiting 5-10 minutes between because reservoir is < 435m and may cause gross trip
  6. Are there any issues at ASH?
    Yes, there are ramp rates due to mechanical issues. They are 9MW/min on increase and 3 MW/min on decrease
  7. Friday afternoon 12:23 and you are shutting down CMS G1 and G2 is not running. G1 trips offline to lockout while ramping down from 40MW to 10MW. What do you do?
    • 1. If G2 is able to run, start the unit
    • 2. You should be graphing the ramp down from 40MW to 10MW so find the MW value prior to trip.
    • 3. Once G2 is running ramp up to G1 MW value prior to trip and ramp down.
    • 4. Let SCM know about violation
    • 5. Call standby manager
    • 6. Call PSOSE
  8. Shutdown command comes through for CMS G1 and G2 is offline. G1 is runing at 75MW, so what do you do?
    PID the unit from 75MW to 40MW and then PID from 40MW to 10MW at 1.5 MW/min. Run unit at 10MW for 5 min before shutting down.
  9. You get a gate movement at DSY in CM moving SPOG 1 from 0.14 to 0.18. What do you do?
    • Open the DSY screen and see what SPOG 2 is at.
    • Use the converter in CM to calculate total flow and your delta flow change.
    • Make sure to follow the ramp rates based on these two numbers
  10. A startup command comes through for COM. What should you remember to do?
    Verify that the unit has been shutdown for 30 minutes unless there was a creep alarm

    Be sure to increase the gate limit to 30% before initiating the start command
  11. A shutdown command comes through for COM. What do you do?
    Run unit to max load depending on the reservoir level for 5 minutes.

    Bring unit down and shutdown at 10MW

    Manually close the gate limit to 0%
  12. Thursday night 11:24 and ELK G1 trips to lockout. What do you do?
    • 1. Open the sluice gate by 50%
    • 2. Call the standby manager
    • 3. Call PSOSE
  13. What 3 plants have a PRV valve?
    PUN, LAJ & JOR
  14. Any issues at FLS?
    Yes there are fishues, ramp rates and minimum flows. Definitely review SOO before operation.
  15. What are the warning level alarms for JHT?
    +/- 2MW of plant total
  16. What are the alarm levels for JHT?
    +/- 3MW of plant total
  17. Are there ramp rates at JHT?
    • Yes,
    • < 79 cms increase is 14MW/hr and decrease is 7MW/hr
    • 79 - 122 cms is over one hour increase or decrease
    • > 122 cms there are no ramp rates
  18. What is special about ASH?
    Only remote blackstart on the island
  19. Grid desk calls and says they need power to Port Alberni. Which plant would you use?
    You would use ASH through 1L127
  20. It's Tuesday evening and it's a stormy night on the island. At 21:00 JHT G3 & G4 both trip to SNL. What is a likely cause, what would you do?
    There are vibration sensors on the penstocks that large thunderstorms can trigger the protection on. This can be a major factor.

    • 1. Try to resynch units
    • 2. If you can't resynch units restore plant total with other units
    • 3. Call JHT electricians to initiate spill if you can't restore
    • 4. Notify SCM of violation
    • 5. Call PSOSE
  21. What should you always remember when starting or stopping JOR?
    You must adjust the HCV as needed. Watch Elliot Bay levels as you don't always need to open the HCV right away to startup if it's high.

    You should also call Grid 2 operator to let them know that you are taking it offline or bringing it online
  22. What is special about LAJ and are there any issues?
    It has a PRV like PUN and there are ramp rates for change in generation and minimum flows. 

    • Increase in generation is 2.6MW/min
    • Decrease in generation is 2.5MW/min
  23. You get a LDR SS alarm(s), where should you look first?
    Check the CBL 25F62 feeder to see if the breaker is open. You may need to contact load or trouble center to see if they have complaints of power outage on this feeder.
  24. Friday morning 08:21 and LB1 trips to lockout. What do you do?
    • 1. Dispatch an electrician to the CQD power tunnel to close the power tunnel
    • 2. Call LM MGR
    • 3. Call PSOSE
  25. What must you do before all plant total movements at JHT?
    Let the SCM know that you are moving the plant total
  26. Any issues at LDR?
    The runback protection from the JHT forebay level.

    If there is an earthquake an electrician must be dispatched. if no communications to LDR and no spill at JHT, to shut units down. Check SOO
  27. What are the Gauge 6 limits at PUN?
    5.1cms inst. and 5.7cms 3-day rolling average

    Control room is 6.0cms
  28. What are the Gauge 8 limits at PUN?
    15.1cms inst. and 15.6cms 3-day rolling average

    In the fall there is a ratcheting minimum from 15.6cms to 20.7cms. You must not go below the new flow if increased in this range.
  29. What are the ramp rates for Gauge 6 at PUN?
    If the flow is < 19.8cms then the maximum flow change is 2.8cms/hr, control room is 2.5cms/hr per the SOO.

    **note most journeymen will use 2.1cms/hr when ramping**
  30. You get a call from Grid #1 operator saying that 2L101 has kicked out and can't be restored. What operating order will you go to and why?
    6T-73 because you need to start RPG units to power Prince Rupert islanded.
  31. What's the first step of starting RPG?
    Call Spectra Gas to see if there is good enough linepack to start and run RPG.
  32. All 3 units at RUS trip out, but not to lockout due to line kickouts. What do you do?
    • 1. Start all three units and run them in SNL to restore flows as much as possible
    • 2. Call LM MGR for spill
    • 3. Notify SCM if violation occurs
    • 4. Call PSOSE
  33. Are there any issues at RUS?
    Yes, there is a minimum tailwater of 1.7m from Dec 01 to Oct 14 and 1.8m from Oct 15 to Nov 30
  34. What should you keep in mind if RUS unit(s) trip?
    Minimum tailrace let SCM know if violation occurs

    RUS has a very small forebay (Hayward Lake) and SFN may need to be backed off to prevent high levels. Call PSOSE
  35. Can you start both SCA units at the same time?
    No, the two units share the same penstock. If started at the same time it will bring in a "SCA 21 TIV Oil Trouble Low" alarm
  36. What are the basic steps when an alarm comes in?
    • 1. Determine priority
    • 2. Check CROW to see if it's re-occuring or if it's already entered
    • 3. Go to Filenet to the LOO and see if there are any actions for the alarm
    • 4. Check paper log to see if the alarm is listed for special action
    • 5. Callout based on priority and first 4 steps if alarm doesn't clear
  37. What are the alarm levels and descriptions of operator actions?
    • P1 - Equipment operation
    • P2 - Immediate operator action required
    • P3 - Immediate field staff callout required
    • P4 - Field staff callouts between 08:00 and 22:00
    • P5 - Next day action req'd. Enter in CROW
    • P6 - Information messages
  38. What is the water table for SFN?
    ALU -> SFN -> RUS
  39. What is the water table for SON?
    LAJ -> BR1/2 -> SON
  40. Any special operation of SHU?
    No, we have no controls
  41. Are there ramp rates at SON?
  42. A SON shutdown command comes through. What do you do?
    Should call the Grid #1 Operator to let them know that you are shutting the unit down. You can verify the bridge loop is closed as well.
  43. Are there any issues with WAH?
    Yes, there is a maximum tailrace height of 19.6m.

    Once tailrace hits 18.0m unit increase is limited to 5MW or less to ensure tailwater doesn't increase above 19.6m.
  44. Any special issues at WGS?
    Yes, if the unit times out on startup you must initiate a stop before another start is attempted

    If starting up the unit you must bring the gate limit up to roughly 65% before loading
  45. The GC is very busy and asks you to startup KCL G2, what is your first step?
    Make sure that the KCL ring is in the right configuration. If it will bring the ring down to just one path, you must discuss with TC first.

    If everything is ok, ensure that the right configuration is in place being main disconnect is closed and the breakers are open.
  46. Seattle City Light calls and says that the dam has breached. What do you do?
    Go to the SEV spillway gates screen and enable all 5 spill gates. Hit the 200 sec on all 5 gates.

    Call 51333 and let ring 3 times. No call in 3 minutes then call number again
  47. The GC is busy and asks you to startup KCL G1 and no other units are online explain the process.
    • 1. Check tags
    • 2. Make sure ring configuration is right, disconnect closed and breakers open
    • 3. Initiate start
    • 4. Once voltage, gate position are up close one of the main breakers to synch
    • 5. Once sync hit a MW raise to keep from reverse power
    • 6. Turn LFC ON
    • 7. Don't turn on JVC as only one unit is online
    • 8. Pass back to GC
  48. GC asks you to start MCA G1. What do you do?
    • 1. Check all tags
    • 2. Start unit
    • 3. Once unit says running, hit main breaker and select close
    • 4. Once voltage comes up you can then select exec sync
    • 5. Once online give a MW raise to avoid reverse power
    • 6. Turn LFC ON
    • 7. Pass back to GC
  49. GC asks you to startup REV G2. What do you do?
    • 1. Check all tags
    • 2. Start unit
    • 3. Once unit says running, hit main breaker and select close
    • 4. Once voltage comes up you can then select exec sync
    • 5. Once online give a MW raise to avoid reverse power
    • 6. Turn LFC ON
    • 7. Pass back to GC
  50. What are your steps on a basic startup of a unit?
    • 1. Check all tags
    • 2. Verify intake gate is open
    • 3. If step 1 & 2 ok initiate start
    • 4. Wait for frequency, gate position to increase and field flash voltage before attempting sync (some big units won't field flash until breaker close button is clicked)
    • 5. Select field breaker and execute sync
    • 6. Hit a MW raise to prevent unit from going into negative power
    • 7. Raise unit manually all the way, or up to the PID minimum and use PID for raise depending on unit
  51. You just received a call from the Grid Desk and 2L101 has kicked out and will not be back. You need to run RPG islanded. What are your steps?
    • 1. Call Spectra Gas to see if gas is available
    • 2. After Load Desk opens RUP 60CB15 & 60CB16 start G1 in droop mode to SNL
    • 3. Place G1 in isochronous mode
    • 4. After unit reaches 60Hz close unit breaker within 5 min to re-establish SS
    • 5. Coordinate with Load Operator for picking up load
    • 6. When G1 nears 20MW startup G2
    • 7. Contact RTI, PRG and PRT to stay offline
    • 8. Bring FLS back online if possible
    • 9. Advise BRL to come online. If out permanently then call PSOSE for gas purchase
  52. What stations are autosynched when started?
  53. What stations have remote blackstart?
  54. You receive a startup for LAJ. What do you do?
    You must first open the PRV valve to 45°. Once the unit is online PRV LIMIT should be raised to upper LIMIT before loading see 3G-LAJ-06
  55. What plants have fishues and solely operated by the Plant Operator?
  56. What SOO can you find alarms in?
  57. What SOO can you find the callout procedures in?
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