HRI 380 The Menu

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  1. What is the most important internal control of the food service system? 
    The menu
  2. Some menu trends
    • Healthier items
    • self-contained
    • flavored breads
    • organic, local grown
  3. spoken menu
    orally presented by dietetic technician to a patient
  4. table d'hote
    food items grouped together and sold for one price
  5. a la carte
    food items priced individually
  6. static menu
    same menu items are offered everyday
  7. cycle menu
    different items each day on a rotation (weekly, bi-weekly)
  8. Single use menu
    used where the customers do not change
  9. Issues in menu construction
    • location of foodservice
    • name¬†
    • primary target audience
    • menu priorites
    • capabilities of staff
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